Winners of JCP 2005 Awards Announced

The JCP recognizes leadership and innovation within the Java community.

The Java Community Process (JCP) program presented the third annual JCP Program Awards at the Java Technology Communities in Action Event on Tuesday night, June 28, 2005. The JCP Executive Committee selected the nominees and voted on the winner in each category. The winners of the 2005 JCP Awards are:

JCP Member of the Year
Apache Software Foundation

Most Outstanding Spec Lead for Java Standard Edition/Enterprise Edition
Bill Shannon, Sun Microsystems, JSR 244 - J2EE 5.0

Most Outstanding Spec Lead for Java Micro Edition
Katya Chtcherbina, Siemens AG, & Eric Overtoom, Motorola, JSR 253 - Mobile Telephony API (MTA)

Most Innovative JSR for Java Standard Edition/Enterprise Edition
JSR 175, Java Language Annotations

Most Innovative JSR for Java Micro Edition
JSR 271, Mobile Information Device Profile 3

A complete list of the 2005 JCP Awards nominees can be found here:

"Apache has been involved with the JCP since the initial formation of Executive Committees," says Geir Magnusson Jr. of Apache, winner of the Member of the Year award. "As an open source group, we want to do what we can do to build the Java community, enable transparent processes, and create independent implementations of specifications."

"I'm looking forward to our continuing [project], which is coming along really well," says Bill Shannon, winner of Most Outstanding Spec Lead for Java SE/EE. "It's about the simplification of the platform, and developers are going to love it."

"JSR 175 is about annotations, otherwise known as metadata," says Joshua Bloch, spec lead for the original JSR that won Most Innovative JSR for Java SE/EE. "It's a very open-ended JSR; I had no idea what people would do with it. However, EJB 3.0 is achieving enhanced ease of use with metadata... I have no idea what's coming next; that's the beauty of it."

The JCP Program Management Office also introduced at JavaOne an incentive program to reward and recognize Spec Leads who have repeatedly proven their merit by producing high-quality specifications, establishing best practices, and mentoring others.

The Star Spec Leads honored this year are: Alejandro Abdelnur of Sun Microsystems; Volker Bauche of Siemens AG; John Buford of Panasonic Information and Network Technologies Laboratory; Ekaterina Chtcherbina of Siemens AG; Linda DeMichiel of Sun Microsystems; Andreas Ebbert of Nokia Corporation; Jan Eichholz of Siemens AG ; Stefan Hepper of IBM; Mark Hornick of Oracle; Jere Kapyaho of Nokia Corporation; Kimmo Loytana of Nokia Corporation; Eamonn McManus of Sun Microsystems; David Nuescheler of Day; Eric Overtoom of Motorola; Vincent Perrot of Sun Microsystems; and Jim Van Peursem of Motorola. For more information, click here.