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THINKPIECE: Utility computing throttles app dev's value

As enterprises discover value in utility computing, application developers must shift their focus to service if they are to survive.

DE-CODER: Sarbox gives security a nudge

Business usually recoils at government meddling, but federal laws and regulations, especially the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, may actually be helping information security efforts.

Product Review: Macromedia gives boost to RoboDemo

Macromedia Captivate enables virtually anyone to record on-screen activity to create software demonstrations and interactive simulations in Flash. It allows users to edit content, add media applications, and provide visual screen instructions. It’s based on eHelp’s RoboDemo desktop recording software.

LETTERS: The Readers' Forum

ADT gets letters from readers.

DE-CODER: Architecture Lines up with Business Goals

To keep pace with competitors in the annuities market, Transamerica Life Insurance Company had to find a way to leverage its legacy information systems as it forged ahead with plans to remain a key player in a faster, changing business environment that required more responsive technology.

DE-CODER: The kings of coding

“Tomek” and “Pops” may be unfamiliar names to you, but in the world of coding competitions, they’re as big as rock stars. Now they’re at the top of the stack, according to their peers who participate in online programming contests at, a mecca for those willing to publicly test their programming chops.

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EDITORIAL: No easy questions these days

This month’s issue is about making tough choices that can cost plenty if you happen to make the wrong decision.

Product Guide: New Products

Brief news on new products.

DE-CODER: Q&A: IT's role in the supply chain

Kevin O’Marah is vice president of research at AMR Research in Boston, where he directs the analyst firm’s coverage of supply chain technology. In this interview with ADT, he looks at the potential of radio frequency identification (RFID) and how IT should respond to demand-driven supply networks.

An opening for app portfolio management?

Efforts to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley will drive growth in application portfolio management software, according to Forrester Research, which notes that APM solutions are paying off already for some companies.

Case Study: Time Warner takes the uncertainty out of custom code

Time Warner's employeeConnection portal enables more than 80,000 employees to keep up with everything work-related, from their benefits, to the availability of free tickets for newly released movies. It's a "massive" portal with a tight security model, says Robert Caruso, senior business analyst for the media giant.

Microsoft Watch: A slip and a rip

When Microsoft distributed a press release announcing the debut of the beta version of its MSN Search service, it apparently provided a screenshot of the service displayed on the Mozilla Foundation's highly touted open source browser and competitor to Micrcosoft’s dominant Internet Explorer—Firefox 1.0.

Product Guide: Highlights

The staff of Application Development Trends magazine look at new products of note.

Opinion: The end of IT as we know it

According to Neil MacDonald, a Gartner vice president, who pieced together the research, the IT organization will shrink about 85 percent over the next decade. Combine that with analysts’ predictions that IT spending is growing at only a fraction of Gartner’s 25-year running average, and it’s easy to conclude that IT is disappearing, and that you should visit a career counselor.

Q&A: A pivotal year for BPM

Terry Schurter, an expert on business process management, is lead analyst for the Business Process Management Group (, a global BPM community. He believes IT will make great strides this year helping implement BPM in the enterprise.

JBuilder: a powerful and special IDE

Borland’s JBuilder 2005 Enterprise is an all-Java IDE written by Java developers, for Java developers. This version targets enterprise developers with support for EJBs, Web services, XML, mobile, and database application development.

Remarks from the editor-in-chief: It’s all about the benjamins

Everyone in IT recognizes the value of integrating applications. As Alan Radding writes in “Integration’s dividends,” the trick is proving it pays off. Why is building the ROI case for enterprise application integration such a challenge? The main reason is that the payoff is difficult to quantify in a way an accountant might understand. What’s it worth to improve customer service or streamline a critical business process? It’s hard to stick numbers on things like that.

Perspective on XML: Be humble, not imperial

Information systems have earned an unfortunate reputation as a retardant of business innovation. Structured programming and modern database design methodologies have established a mandate to closely control business analysis.

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