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Online Treasure Chest for Security Pros

Developers tracking the latest product vulnerabilities now have a central location to check—the National Vulnerability Database.

OutputLinks Searches for Precise Results

The results from an OutputLinks search used to be extensive—but cluttered—for users. More often than not, users waded through lots of findings for one piece of pertinent information.

Security, Computer Crimes Still Bane of IT

Robert Richardson is the editorial director of the Computer Security Institute, which provides training to computer, information and network security professionals. A recent survey by CSI, along with the FBI’s Computer Intrusion Squad, focused on computer crimes and security. During an interview with ADT, Richardson examines how companies are tackling these issues.

Hunter Dickinson Finds Security with Cirond

Employees at Hunter Dickinson clamored for wireless capability so they could easily work from its worldwide offices in South Africa, Tibet, Mexico, Chile and Canada. But Hunter Dickinson’s Anthony Maw was leery about implementing wireless capability in the company’s infrastructure.

Companies Finally See Value in BI

Jonathan Wu is senior principal with Knightsbridge Solutions, where he advises customers about business intelligence and data warehousing. The firm recently issued a survey, declaring companies are finally taking BI seriously. During an interview with ADT, Wu examines these reasons.

Online, docs take care

Doctors at the CareGroup Healthcare System were looking for a better way to access patient information, so the Boston-area health service developed CareWeb, an intranet system that gives physicians real-time access to patient records.

ANALYST SPEAK: Outsourcing is not just for cutting costs anymore

Outsourcing is not just for cutting costs anymore, according to the 2005 Global IT Outsourcing Study from DiamondCluster. Instead, enterprises should, and are beginning to, see it as part of an overall strategy.

Does XML give away the keys to the warehouse?

Data security is a matter of good architecture, and XML doesn’t do anything to aggravate security problems.

Red Sox call the bullpen for IP telephony

Steve Conley is director of IT for the Boston Red Sox, where he oversees infrastructure for the World Series Champions. In this interview with ADT, he discusses the IP telephony implementation of Avaya at Fenway Park and Fort Myers, Fla., Red Sox’ spring training facility.


Annual online retail sales will grow to $172.4 billion this year, up 22 percent over $141.4 billion in 2004, according to Forrester Research.

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