Columns: Dev How-To and Advice

Business rules: Tips, traps and other pratfalls

As you might expect with any emerging technology, business rules—even when implemented in tandem with a high-performance business rules management system—are anything but turnkey.

Thinkpiece: Think before pushing development offshore

Sending software development offshore is what everyone wants to do, but sometimes it's not the right way to go.

Extreme programming for a rainy day

XP's failing is that it encourages software development without fully exploring the customer's requirements before teams begin coding.

What's on your mind?

Have you checked out lately?

Data warehouse builders advocate for different architectures

Most enterprises build hybrid data warehouse architectures that borrow elements from four different approaches.

Innovative makeovers win awards

For 11 years, ADT’s annual Innovator Awards have recognized IT departments that have successfully launched development projects that have paid off with noteworthy business and financial benefits.

Bixhorn Paints Indigo Picture

Ari Bixhorn discusses Microsoft's plan to create a unified programming model (code-named Indigo) for building distributed, interconnected apps in an interview with VSM Editor in Chief Patrick Meader.

Dashboard is to envelope, as scorecard is to letter

Although many people use dashboard and scorecard interchangeably, there's a subtle difference.

Thinkpiece: Cross the Trough of Disillusionment

One analyst reports that only 28 percent of outsourcers report achieving the savings they expected.

EDITORIAL: Born-again technologies

We didn’t plan it this way, but this month’s issue is mainly about technologies making a fresh start. After a period of opposition or benign neglect, instant messaging is gaining acceptance in enterprises; agile programming is winning new adherents--following years when enterprises focused on control-intensive initiatives; and visual modeling is getting a second look because the newest tools deliver benefits unmatched by earlier tools, such as automatically producing much of the code for an app.

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