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Project Management Is Not Enough: 4 Crucial Agile Techniques

Why you need automated testing, continuous integration, test-driven development and -- yes -- pair programming for agile to be successful.

You Can't Do Agile If You Haven't Seen Agile

Do all the research you want, but according to our expert, successful agile transitions require someone who's actually spent time in an agile environment.

Agile and CMMI, Part II: Tips from the Trenches

Facing CMMI appraisal? Mark walks you through how he completed the Risk Management and Decision Analysis portions of CMMI Maturity Level 3 for his agile shop.

Are Agile and CMMI Compatible?

CMMI certification aligns with agile much more than you might think.

Welcome to The Agile Architect: 3 Agile Misconceptions

Mark J. Balbes, Ph.D., shares what you can expect in his new column, and talks about three common misconceptions about agile that he'll address further in the coming months.

What Does an Architect Do in an Agile Shop? An Agile Architect Explains All...

If you're wondering what a software architect does in an agile development environment, you're not alone. Mark J. Balbes shares what he does and how it all comes together in better code.

Want Quality Software? Focus on People and Processes -- Not Technology

If your goal truly is quality software delivery, don't get distracted by the tech -- your team and the processes they implement are what will make the biggest difference.

iPad's Platform Impact

By many accounts, the Apple iPad has been a disappointment -- even Apple "fanboy" bloggers and tweeters have proclaimed themselves underwhelmed.

Bridging .NET and Java

Create hybrid apps that let your Java programs call native .NET code.

More than Code

In enterprise architecture, Web services continue to dominate the discourse in design and implementation.

Build Early and Often

Is the continuous build model right for your shop?

Introducing ASP.NET AJAX and Web Services

Find out how ASP.NET AJAX Extensions lets you use Web services to support JSON messaging.

It's All About the Scripts

Simplify your work with JavaScript files and add cross-browser, AJAX-capable scripts into Web pages.

The Open Group and Enterprise Architecture

Steven Nunn from the Open Group, an enterprise architecture framework and certification body, weighs in on the theory and practice of enterprise architecture.

Show-Me State first to integrate with Global Justice XML Data Model

Although Missouri's initiative to integrate its court systems is still underway, the show-me state is probably ahead of the national curve based on the sheer scale of its XML data exchange project.

Credit union takes SAFE approach to patch automation

Some organizational names carry inherent assumptions. Just ask the Sacramento Air Force Employees (SAFE) Federal Credit Union in California, which maintains assets of $1.2 billion for its roughly 120,000 members.

How to pick a winner

If you’ve been reading about the profiles of this year’s nominees for ADT’s annual Innovator Awards, here’s what’s been going on behind the curtain.

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