Put Your Apps to the Test

Rapidly increasing user loads, wildly complex software and distributed development that includes worldwide outsourcing all ratchet up the need for better application testing processes and tools.

Sneaky, Sinister, Swindling Software

Spyware steals identities, invades privacy, compromises enterprise info-security, alters and destroys data, and replicates to a point where systems collapse under the weight. And that's just for starters.

The Leap from Illusion to Fusion

Following its acquisitions of PeopleSoft and Siebel, Oracle is touting a strategy it calls Project Fusion that it says will bring its products together. Meanwhile, detractors point out fusion can also blow things apart.

Middleware is in the Open, Finally

Until recently, middleware for the open-source community meant app servers, and open-source app servers usually meant JBoss. Today, there are more options.

Services by Design

In the most radical articulation of service enablement, traditional software development will be almost entirely supplanted by a virtual paradigm which disparate Web services are orchestrated dynamically to power composite applications.

Sun is Partnering in All the Right Places for Java

The Google/Sun alliance (whatever it shapes up to be) is the latest evidence that Sun is partnering in all the right places: definitely a good thing for Java.