Infragistics Advances Low-Code Development with Latest Release

Cross-platform UI and UX toolmaker Infragistics today announced Infragistics Ultimate 21.1, a release that " breaks new ground in app design and developer collaboration" with its digital product design toolkit, Indigo.Design.

Infragistics Ultimate is the company’s flagship UX & UI product for design and development teams. It aims to supports developers who are modernizing their app portfolios with the latest, modern tools and technologies, the company says. It provides new web development platforms, such as Blazor from Microsoft, standards-based Web Components, and other tools for modernizing legacy web products and/or driving digital transformation with desktop-to-web initiatives.

Announced earlier this month, Indigo.Design is a cloud-based, design-to-code system created to address key issues that prevent widespread enterprise adoption of low-code applications. The problem is, to create mission critical enterprise apps, low-code apps must prioritize user experience (UX) by beginning the app creation process with user interface (UI) design, the company explained in a statement. Indigo.Design solves the problem by bringing together the core components of the app creation process into a low-code tool: UI prototyping and design, app building, virtual user testing, iteration and finally, code generation.

The App Builder included with this release as a design-to-code platform with the industry's first web-based, WYSIWYG IDE, the company says. It's similar to tools such as Visual Studio, the company says, but offered as a web-based platform that includes a toolbox of UI components from the Indigo Design System, which map directly to the Infragistics Ignite UI component libraries. Indigo.Design introduces significant design-to-code efficiencies during the designer-to-developer handoff, the company says.

“Most low-code tools on the market focus on going from idea to app by skipping the designer and much of the developer," said Jason Beres, head of Indigo.Design at Infragistics, in a statement. "That’s a good way to get a concept out of your head and come up with a prototype. But to create a mission critical business app with a good user experience, low-code apps on their own won’t cut it. Indigo.Design provides a single common platform for collaborative app design and development. This approach preserves necessary steps in the product development process while empowering and enabling designers and developers to streamline app creation, from design to code.”

Indigo.Design is one of the first major releases from the InfragisticsInnovation Lab, which has formally invested more than $12M to bring the design-to-code system to market.


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