NWS JFrog Enables Native Deployment of DevOps on AWS GovCloud and Azure Government Clouds

JFrog, the company best known for its Artifactory binary repository manager, this week announced that both Artifactory and JFrog Xray are available with native deployment templates for customers using AWS GovCloud (US) and Azure Government clouds.

JFrog bills its Artifactory as a universal software package management and container registry solution. JFrog Xray is a universal impact analysis product designed to provide continuous security and compliance management for open source security vulnerabilities and license scanning.

Both products are part of the JFrog DevOps Platform, which also includes the JFrog Pipelines universal orchestration software, the JFrog Mission Control DevOps dashboard, the JFrog Distribution release validation tool, and the JFrog Access DevOps admin tool.

The Sunnyvale, CA-based company had been assembling the platform for about a year before it was unveiled last February with a combination of acquisitions and internal developments, said Stephen Chin, who leads JFrog's developer relations team.

"Our customers really wanted an end-to-end platform they could use for their entire pipelines and DevOps workflows and organization," Chin told ADTmag in an earlier interview. "The platform integrates everything into a seamless experience. DevOps teams have a single solution that takes them all the way from package management to CICD, security, and deployments."

The company considers Artifactory and Xray as a kind of backbone for enterprise DevSecOps and continuous software delivery at scale, especially for "regulated, demanding organizations that must meet strict security, compliance, and data privacy requirements as they build and release software rapidly."

By expanding JFrog's availability across the different public clouds to support native deployments on AWS GovCloud and Azure Government Cloud in multiple regions, the company is making it possible for its customers to deploy JFrog's DevOps solutions directly on these secured environments, the company said.

"Enterprise DevOps, especially within regulated organizations, requires solutions that support the scale, security, compliance, and management requirements of these demanding sectors," said Casey O'Mara, VP of JFrog's Business Development and Global Alliances group, in a statement. By expanding its cloud offering and streamlining deployment on the largest government cloud providers, JFrog is enabling users of the platform in highly regulated industries to continuously build, secure, and release software, O'Mara said.

AWS GovCloud customers can use the AWS Marketplace to deploy JFrog's solutions in the US East and US West regions, the company says. Azure Government customers can deploy JFrog's services from the Azure Marketplace, on any of the following three regions of Azure Government: Arizona, Virginia and Texas.

The JFrog Platform is offered as a self-hosted solution that customers can install on hybrid, on-prem, or multi-cloud environments, and as a SaaS subscription offered on all public clouds. The company currently offers its solutions with all the platform capabilities for large-scale software delivery on AWS, Azure, and GCP across 18 cloud regions, including private instances. The recent addition of Bring Your Own License (BYOL) and easy deployment across the Government Clouds "provides large organizations additional flexibility and different deployment options to meet their needs for highly-regulated, secured use cases," the company said.

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