Infragistics Updates Ignite UI for React and Web Components

Cross-platform UI and UX toolmaker Infragistics announced this week the release of new updates to its enterprise-grade UI components for the Web. Ignite UI for React 16.12.4 and Ignite UI for Web Components 1.1.4 include new features for the Ignite UI Data Grid and one new preview component.

Ignite UI for React provides a complete library of enterprise-grade, UI components for building data-rich and responsive React Web apps. React is the open-source, front end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components that was developed and continues to be maintained by Facebook and a community of developers. React is a popular Web frameworks among developers. It's used by global companies, such as AirBnB, Uber, Bloomberg, Instagram, and PayPal, to run their platforms.
Ignite UI for Web Components is a complete library of UI components that provides developers with the ability to build modern Web apps using encapsulation and the concept of reusable components in a dependency-free approach. Web components are Web standards-compliant components that are dependency free, pure HTML/JavaScript, and are native HTML elements.

These releases of Ignite UI for Web Components and Ignite UI for React come with a long list of new features that includes:

  • Cell Editing in the data grid - enables the user to edit the data presented to them in a web application.
  • Cell Batch Editing -- allows developers to make multiple edits to various cells in the data grid and commit the changes to the data source all at once.
  • ComboBox Column- allows developers to provide a combo box editor in a data grid that provides a list of values that can be filtered/searched, and a single item selected.
  • Multi-Column Combo Box (Preview) - This new component is unique, in that it's a combo box that visualizes large amounts of data in a data grid embedded in the dropdown. It supports features such as filtering with auto-suggest, a material-based label, defining columns, controlling column header visibility, sorting, and more.

"To support our enterprise customers and their developers, we release new components, features, and enhancements to our React and Web Components toolkits the moment they are ready, said Brian Lagunas, Infragistics senior product owner and developer relations manager. "With these releases, the enhancements to our Data Grid components enable developers to provide their users with the features they expect and the best possible user experience."

Cranbury, NJ-based Infragistics provides enterprises with tools and solutions to accelerate application design and development, that also foster team collaboration.

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