MongoDB to Merge Mobile-Centric Realm with Serverless Stitch Backend

MongoDB Inc., known for its popular namesake document-oriented NoSQL database that also comes in an open source version, announced it will merge its mobile-centric Realm offering with its serverless Stitch platform.

MongoDB last month acquired Realm, known for its popular mobile database and data synchronization technology, and introduced the Stitch serverless backend-as-a-service platform in 2017. It followed up with an embedded product, MongoDB Mobile, last year.

Now, at its MongoDB World conference, the company announced it's combining Realm technology with the Stitch platform, resulting in MongoDB Realm.

"By combining Realm's wildly popular mobile database and synchronization platform with the strengths of Stitch, we will eliminate a lot of work for developers by making it natural and easy to work with data at every layer of the stack, and to seamlessly move data between devices at the edge to the core backend" said Eliot Horowitz, CTO and co-founder, in a June 18 statement.

Although the MongoDB Realm site is scant on details now (saying it's "coming soon"), it says developers will be able to use Realm Database and services including Realm Sync to create mobile apps and deliver apps that can be used with our without signal connectivity.

When joined with MongoDB, the company said Realm will be positioned to emerge as the default database for mobile developers, providing the easiest way to create real-time data applications on iOS and Android devices or the Web.

"Realm's synchronization protocol will connect with the MongoDB Atlas global cloud database on the backend, making Realm Sync a powerful way for developers to connect data to the devices running their applications" the company's statement said.

The company promised more investments to the core Realm database, with access to the new Realm Sync expected next year.

The company also announced beta versions of MongoDB Atlas Data Lake and MongoDB Atlas Full-Text Search, the general availability of MongoDB Charts, a preview of the new MongoDB 4.2 and more.

The company offers an open source version of its namesake database on GitHub.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.