Alpha Software Updates Low-Code Mobile Dev Tools

Low-code development tools specialist Alpha Software has updated its offerings for creating enterprise-grade Web and mobile apps.

The company this week announced the release of Alpha Anywhere 4.6.0, a front- and back-end platform for the rapid development of mobile and Web apps with "coding-optional" technology, following up on last week's debut release of Alpha TransForm, dedicated to transforming business forms or processes into scalable, offline-capable mobile apps.

Alpha AnyWhere 4.6.0 includes new features and new tools for working with Alpha Transform.

The company said Alpha Anywhere 4.6.0 includes features such as:

  • Integrated Two-factor Authentication for more secure application login
  • Integrated source control using Git and GitHub
  • SAP HANA data integration
  • Chunked Responses for giving users progress reports for long-running server tasks
  • Report optimizations that speed up generating reports
  • Upgraded Web security with support for TLS 1.3, and more

"Alpha Anywhere 4.6.0 also marks the release of Alpha Software's WkWebView plugin as a solution for rendering controls in PhoneGap applications," the company said in a May 28 blog post. "WkWebView serves as a replacement for iOS's UIWebView which has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release of iOS. Users are strongly encouraged to switch to the new WkWebView plugin prior to the next release of iOS in order to ensure their applications continue to run smoothly on future versions of iOS."

Earlier, the company debuted Alpha TransForm, used to simplify the process of creating apps for use cases such as: rich data capture and storage; incident reporting; and dispatch, field service and inspections.

"Alpha TransForm apps can be highly-customized and have outstanding offline support for industrial-strength requirements," the company said in a news release. "The apps also have extensive integration capabilities so that mobile apps built in TransForm can tie-in seamlessly with systems of record and corporate workflows."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.