Most Public Cloud Apps Are Mobile, Says Study

Evans Data Corp.'s new cloud development survey finds different workloads targeting private, hybrid and public cloud platforms, with the latter dominated by mobile apps.

But while mobile workloads are more commonly run on public clouds, that wasn't the case for other options. "While mobile apps were cited significantly more often than others for public Clouds, database, security, and backend services were virtually tied for top workloads for private Clouds and IoT was most commonly mentioned for Hybrid Clouds," the company said in hawking its for-sale Cloud Development Survey.

In other highlights teased by Evans Data, agility was the top business motivation for choosing a cloud (45 percent of respondents), closely followed by "time to value for analytical initiatives (43 percent).

"Agility and time to value for analytical initiatives both juggle two key considerations in terms of timeliness and insight," Evans Data said. "Whereas agility allows a business to quickly pivot to address changing needs and opportunities, quicker time to value not only means that development platforms will provide information quickly, but also that organizations will be able to receive the business insights that inform their ability to forecast how their current strategy will perform in the short term and/or pivot their strategies to address changes in the market."

The research firm conducted the survey early last month, following a twice-a-year publication schedule. The table of contents can be seen here.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.