WaveMaker Low-Code Tool Taps Angular 7 for Front-End Tech

WaveMaker Inc. announced an update to its namesake low-code development tool that leverages a new front-end technology stack based on Angular 7.

Angular, which just shipped in version 7 last month, gives developers one technology to learn to build Web, mobile Web, native mobile and native desktop apps.

Now it provides the foundation for the brand-new WaveMaker 10 release, one of a growing number of low-code offerings that feature rapid application development techniques such as drag-and-drop composability, wizard-driven workflows, WYSIWYG editors and so on to meet a skyrocketing demand for enterprise applications amid a dearth of high-priced, hard-to-find professionally trained developers.

"Front-end code generated is now based on the new Angular 7 framework," the tool's site says. "This means faster load times and better performance. An up-to-date app runtime ensures that you can work on these apps using emerging talent pool. Additionally, Angular community ensures on-the-go extensibility and full support for your applications."

Other highlights of the release as listed by the company include:

  • Enhanced developer productivity and collaboration via a new IDE synchronization feature that lets programmers mix and match Java code written in their favorite IDEs -- such as Eclipse or IntelliJ -- with low-code platform components.
  • Increased enterprise security and accessibility, with the ability to create multiple developer personas with unique permission sets, which lets teams have specialized roles in the modernized application. "Authentication and Single Sign-on capabilities utilize OpenID mechanisms, and all WaveMaker 10 applications are protected from OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities to ensure greater security against threats and malicious injections."
  • Better collaboration with an artifact repository, providing standardization on a collection of prefabs, project shells, templates and themes. "Let your developers create, test and publish to artifact repository for enterprise wide access by other development and business teams alike."

"The latest version of WaveMaker has given our application modernization efforts a fillip by helping us leapfrog to the latest Angular 7 stack," the company quoted a customer, Hans Don, director of software development at Vanenburg Software, as saying. "This release not only helps us to go to market faster but also greatly helps future-proof our low-code technology investments."

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.