Firebase Crashlytics Out of Beta, Replaces Firebase Crash Reporting

Google's 2017 acquisition of Crashlytics has been fully realized with the general availability of Firebase Crashlytics, the new default mobile app crash reporter for the company's Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) development platform.

The company this month announced Firebase Crashlytics has emerged from beta and will replace the sunsetted Firebase Crash Reporting.

Crashlytics -- often ranked highly in surveys and reports -- was added to the Google developer ecosystem when the search giant bought the Fabric development platform from Twitter.

The new GA offering that helps mobile developers track, prioritize and fix stability issues in realtime includes several new features, Google said, including:

  • Integration with Google Analytics events.
  • The ability to broadly analyze aggregated crash data for common trends, automatically highlighting potential root causes of problems and providing additional context on the underlying problems.
  • Developers can "pin" their most important builds so they appear at the top of the console.
  • dSYM files, which are usually automatically uploaded in the background to symbolicate crashes, can now be manually uploaded when needed.

"Starting today, you'll notice the console has changed to only list Crashlytics in the navigation," Google said in a March 6 post. "If you need to access your existing crash data in Firebase Crash Reporting, you can use the app picker to switch from Crashlytics to Crash Reporting."

Firebase Crash Reporting will stop working on Sept. 8.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.