AWS Unveils Web IDE for Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) released a new browser-based IDE called Cloud9, following last year's purchase of a startup with the same name.

At the recent re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, AWS introduced the new cloud computing IDE that leverages technology obtained in its acquisition, letting developers write, run and debug code via the Web.

The IDE's main component is the code editing window, dubbed the Ace Editor. Among its features are support for very large files with no lags, custom run configurations and over 40 language modes.

Developers can invite other IAM users to collaborate on Cloud9. It also supports serverless application development.

In addition, Cloud9 is fully integrated with AWS. As Senior AWS Technical Evangelist Randall Hunt explained in a blog post, users can either run Cloud9 within their AWS environments (they're only billed for the compute and storage), in a virtual private cloud (VPC) or outside of AWS altogether.

"If you're running in AWS the auto-hibernate feature will stop your instance shortly after you stop using your IDE. This can be a huge cost savings over running a more permanent developer desktop. You can also launch it within a VPC to give it secure access to your development resources. If you want to run Cloud9 outside of AWS, or on an existing instance, you can provide SSH access to the service which it will use to create an environment on the external machine. Your environment is provisioned with automatic and secure access to your AWS account so you don't have to worry about copying credentials around," Hunt said.

Cloud9 is now generally available out of AWS' Northern Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Ireland and Singapore regions. More information is available here.

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