AI Dev Watch 10/31: HPE Goes for Deep Learning, AT&T Announces Open Source Marketplace, Avaya Connects, More

Here's some of what's been announced in the last week or so in the artificial intelligence development space:

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is getting in the enterprise AI game with a new suite of AI products it says will help "simplify the adoption of artificial intelligence" for enterprises, starting with a bundle of products focused on deep learning. The grouping will include an the HPE Rapid Software Installation for AI and the HPE Deep Learning Cookbook. As of publishing this there's no specific details about the products available on the HP Web site and launch dates have not been given, but you can read more about HPE's AI approach in a blog post here and read a press release about the announcement here.
  • This week AT&T and IT services company TechMahindra announced they are collaborating to launch Acumos, an open source AI marketplace for businesses that will be hosted by The Linux Foundation. According to AT&T, Acumos will make it "easy to build, share and deploy AI applications. The platform will provide a marketplace for accessing, using and enhancing those applications ... it's an AI marketplace where applications can be chained to create complex and sophisticated AI services."
  • Also this week Avaya launched A.I. Connect, which the company explained will use machine learning and AI to "address many of the complexities and issues faced by companies in delivering an optimal customer experience" The initial offering will focus on five areas: self-service (including bot-based interactions), smart routing, enhanced WFO (QA/best practices), agent augmentation (for example, chat, e-mail, messaging) and interaction insights (analytics).
  • The Information Technology Industry Council, whose members include Adobe, CA, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and many other major tech companies, earlier this month release what it's calling " the first industry-wide policy principles on artificial intelligence." The organization said it's releasing the policy as a guide for working responsibly with governments and organizations for "all of society to fully realize the smart, responsible growth of artificial intelligence." An executive summary of the AI Policy Principles can be read here.

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