Pyze Targets Enterprises with New App Analytics Edition

One year after emerging from stealth with a new app analytics platform, Pyze Inc. has released an edition targeting the enterprise.

The Redwood City, Calif., startup last year unveiled its Growth Intelligence platform, offering a free data-science-based Software-as-a-Service to help mobile and Web developers retain and grow their user base.

Now, the app intelligence and marketing platform -- providing behavioral analytics, engagement/usage statistics and more -- has been revamped into an enterprise offering, focusing on multi-platform app data aggregation and multi-channel campaign management.

The idea is to let enterprises more easily process, categorize and analyze data from "App Groups" organized around multiple apps, Web sites and data sources, scaling from small numbers to large as needed.

The new Pyze Enterprise Edition was designed to "address the growing frustration with manual data analysis at large enterprises and brands," the company said in a statement last week.

To do that, it leverages techniques such as machine learning (ML) to correlate data from multiple sources, and "deep contextualization" that lets organizations cluster their user bases according to common behavioral traits.

The Pyze Product Menu
[Click on image for larger view.] The Pyze Product Menu (source: Pyze)

Key new features of the platform highlighted by the company include:

  • Cross-app growth intelligence: Automated segmentation using intelligence explorations, event funnel analysis and personalization now available across multiple apps, Web sites and data sources.
  • Cross-app visual queries: Visual queries enable product owners to perform multi-dimensional aggregative analysis and benchmarking on business metrics, without using a query language or an external data visualization tool.
  • Cross-app growth automation campaigns: Define dynamic and growth automation campaigns across multiple apps, Web sites and data sources.
  • Data import: Import user traits for analysis in automated segmentation, funnels, personalization and growth automation; import real-time and historical usage data and events from customer data sets.
  • Data export: Export campaigns and personalization tags to third-party systems like the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and other proprietary systems; export raw, processed, and events data to external systems like Amazon Kinesis and Redshift.

"Real-time visibility of key business metrics across mobile and Web apps, and across verticals, geographies and resellers, is immensely important for our business," said Rama Kuppa, CEO of StoreONGO, a platform for rapid application development and delivery, in the Pyze statement. "Our enterprise customers are excited to finally have a unified view of user behavior and actions across apps and back-end systems. The ability to execute automated campaigns across channels in real-time provides a significant competitive advantage to all of our customers."

Pyze said the new enterprise edition is available immediately, with custom pricing quotes available.

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