From Stealthy Start-Up: Free Self-Service Mobile App BI Analytics

Promising to democratize mobile app analytics, start-up Pyze Inc. has emerged from stealth mode with a free business intelligence (BI) tool said to provide "a data scientist in a box."

Pyze Growth Intelligence is described by the Redwood City, Calif., start-up as "the first business intelligence platform enabling mobile app publishers of all sizes to maximize app growth and personalize engagement, free of charge."

As with similar mobile app analytics packages, the platform provides data to help developers automatically attract, engage and retain users. This data includes daily active users, generated revenue, "stickiness" measurements, user behavior and much more.

Armed with $1.7 million in seed funding, the company said it's providing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed for the "everyman" mobile app developer in a market dominated by a few big publishing players, where most developers earn less than $500 per month. The company said it "aims to level the drastically uneven playing field by arming these app publishers with the sophisticated, intelligence-based tools they need to compete with the 'Goliath' incumbents."

Following two years of development, a six-month beta program and a final launch phase that allowed him 10 hours of sleep over five days, company CEO Dickey Singh announced the official launch last week with a blog post.

"Somewhere in Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud datacenters, 120 Pyze servers are already singing the algorithms we taught them," Singh said. "The technology is quite hard and we make it available to the fingertips of app publishers and marketers. We do pack a mean 'data scientist in a box.' "

The Pyze Platform
[Click on image for larger view.] The Pyze Platform (source: Pyze Inc.)

Key features listed by Pyze include "visual intelligence" that supplies key business metrics and data such as predictions, real-time activity, customer churn and more. A "Growth Automation" capability provides for the care of customers with custom interaction points to attract new users, engage existing users and "resurrect users in attrition."

"Pyze Growth Automation develops touch points with users based on important behavior and usage milestones," Singh said in yet another blog post last week. "Pyze automatically reaches out to users at the time that each user will be most receptive to your message."

Another key feature listed by the company, Intelligence Explorer, enables precise user targeting aided by automated segmentation and manual explorations of data in real-time, leveraging key behavioral attributes such as engagement, loyalty, revenue, attrition-risk and more.

The solution is enabled by signing up, downloading and installing an App SDK for the iOS or Android platforms, adding one line of code to initialize the SDK, and compiling and deploying an app.

"The Pyze platform combines and processes multiple data streams from analytics, app stores, customer systems and proprietary data sets to automate user engagement that is proven to increase retention, and usage," the company's Web site says. "With marketing automation baked into the platform, you're a click away from reaching the right user at the right time with the right message."

Along with its free product, Pyze also offers an enterprise version, with advanced capabilities including API data access, unlimited data retention and support, starting at $495 per month. In the free version, data retention for "intelligence" is 365 days and 60 days for "events."

The new offering puts Pyze in direct competition with vendors such as Yahoo, Twitter, App Annie, Crittercism, appFigures, Taplytics, Localytics and many more.

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