Apteligent Open Sources Xamarin Component

Mobile app intelligence company Apteligent Inc. has open sourced its Xamarin component, which helps cross-platform developers monitor app performance and other metrics.

Xamarin is the open source technology that lets coders use the C# programming language -- a mainstay for Microsoft .NET Framework development -- to create cross-platform iOS and Android apps. Specifically, developers can leverage the Apteligent SDK and services from any Xamarin (Mono C#) iOS and Android application.

Xamarin the company was acquired about a year ago by Microsoft, which subsequently bundled Xamarin the technology for free in its Visual Studio editions, including the free community version.

By open sourcing its Apteligent C# Component -- now on GitHub -- the mobile analytics company is broadening the reach of its app intelligence technology.

The company cited the usual reasons -- including giving back to the community and fostering growth of the product -- for moving its technology into the open source realm.

"The decision stemmed from Apteligent's desire to democratize mobile app management to help all developers achieve success," said exec Greg Toto. "Now, everyone from an indie developer to a large company in the .NET community gets support to build native apps."

Furthermore, the company said in a statement, "This announcement represents Apteligent's benevolence towards the community of mobile app developers who have been supportive of the company. The company wishes to give back and confirmed that it would work with the community of Xamarin .NET developers to maintain the SDK. Now that the code is open source, the Apteligent team is excited to see enhancements contributed by the broader community."

Apteligent's products help developers: track app performance via real-time event data from user workflows, along with screen load times, network events and crash reports; track user behavior to identify key issues affecting them and reduce customer churn; and provide business insights by automatically connecting app and user behavior to business metrics.

For community developers to utilize the new component, they must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Xamarin Studio in a developer machine; it can be downloaded at
  • Native tools for iOS and Android.
  • Apteligent account and application keys.

"Now developers can monitor performance, prioritize, troubleshoot and trend their cross-platform Xamarin mobile apps with the Apteligent C# Component," said Apteligent, which offers three editions of its offerings, including a free standard plan.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.