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    Watson Masterclass: Customer Service & AI Episode 1: Why Conversational AI?

    Before making the decision to begin the Conversational AI journey, you must understand the drivers and approaches for building a conversational solution.  This will help you define your strategy.  This episode will give you insight into what conversational AI is, the best use cases for AI in customer services, and how to prove that your solution will positively impact your organization.

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    IBM Watson OpenScale - Solution brief: Learn how to manage trusted AI and measure business outcomes, at scale

    Be confident in your AI. IBM Watson OpenScale helps solve AI’s black box problem by providing insights into AI health, recommending next steps to improve outcomes, and orchestrating tasks to remediate issues around performance, accuracy, and fairness. Learn more.

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    The Ethics Of AI: How To Avoid Harmful Bias And Discrimination

    While the potential existential threat of artificial intelligence is well publicized, the threat of biased machine learning models is much more immediate. Customer insights (CI) pros must learn how to identify and prevent harmful discrimination in their models, or businesses will suffer reputational, regulatory, and revenue consequences. Learn more.

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    IBM’s “Explainable” AI –Building Transparency and Trust into Artificial Intelligence

    Solving the Problem of "Black Box" AI. IBM is creating solutions designed to make AI processes and results more explainable, understandable and trustworthy to help tackle the problem of "black box" AI.

  • How DevOps Solves the top 5 Challenges in Software Product Development

    DevOps has come a long way, and we see a tremendous increase in adoption in the recent years. To surpass competition and stay ahead in the growth curve, it has become an essential component for IT organizations. As per the recently released 2017 State of DevOps Report high performing organizations that effectively utilize DevOps principles, achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

  • RedHat

    Agile Integration Is Critical To Successful Digital Transformation

    An Agile Integration Strategy Drives Success - For this study, we assessed the differences between successful and less successful Agile integration and app delivery strategies, why some firms can change their business faster, and what makes one integration strategy better than another. Get insights now.

  • RedHat

    API Owner's Manual

    A business survives when it extends its core competencies in new ways. Increasingly, one of the paths to innovation lies with application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs allow a business to take traditional revenue (and traditional customer and partner interactions) and carry them into a different technological foundation. Learn more.

  • RedHat

    Eight Steps to Cloud-Native Application

    The cloud-native application development approach modernizes existing applications and builds new applications based on cloud principles, using services and adopting processes optimized for the agility and automation of cloud computing. Learn the eight main steps to success. Find out more.

  • RedHat

    Best Practices for Migrating to Containerized Applications

    Migrating existing applications into containers provides better manageability and greater portability. Find out more in this e-book.

  • The Identity Imperative for IT Modernization

    Major IT modernization initiatives are critical to business success, but each has its challenges With the adoption of cloud and a drive to a more distributed workforce, IT is tasked with securely managing more users, on more devices, in more locations, and accessing more applications.

  • IDG Reports: IT Modernization Motivators, Challenges and Identity’s Role

    IDG surveyed IT decision-makers to understand their priorities. It’s not surprising that Modernize IT is in the top three. But modernizing IT can mean different things to different IT leaders, and the reasons behind it can vary from business to business. Read this research summary report to learn more.

  • Nasdaq leads FinTech to the cloud

    To survive in a world of technology-driven transactions, Nasdaq deployed solutions from multiple platforms, shifted internal applications to the cloud, and pursued an aggressive mobile strategy.