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    Apache Pulsar 3.0 is First Long-Term Support Release

    The community behind the open-source Apache Pulsar all-in-one messaging and streaming platform has announced its first long-term support (LTS) release: Pulsar 3.0. This is the first of what the community promises is a new, faster release cadence.

  • Azul and Java on CRaC

    Open-source Java platform provider Azul has announced that its Zulu downstream distribution of OpenJDK now supports Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint (CRaC) functionality.

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    Open-Source Leadership to the European Commission: CRA Rules Pose Tech and Economic Risks to EU

    New cybersecurity rules for digital products proposed by the European Commission pose "unnecessary economic and technological risks to the European Union," according to a group of 12 open-source software leadership organizations.

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    Gradle Inc. Speeds Scala Compiler Times with Triplequote Acquisition

    Grade, Inc., the company behind the commercial version of the open-source Gradle build automation tool, Gradle Enterprise, has announced the acquisition of Swiss-based software development technology provider Triplequote.

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    The Chatbot Wars Begin!

    Microsoft took the next step in its ChatGPT strategy this week, but Google introduced its LaMDA-based Bard. The conversation over conversational AI just got interesting.

  • Red Hat-Oracle Collaboration Brings Red Hat Enterprise Linux to OCI

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now certified to run on Oracle's cloud services platform as a supported operating system. The move is part of a multi-stage alliance to offer customers a greater choice of operating systems to run on OCI.

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    My 'Conversation' with ChatGPT about What Devs Need to Know

    ChatGPT is so hot right now, our columnist couldn't get an interview at OpenAI, so he went to the source, so to speak, and queried the tool itself about the opportunities and challenges it presents to developers.

  • Quarkus Bullet Train Arrives with Third Maintenance Release

    Red Hat's Quarkus team rang in the New Year with the release of Quarkus 2.15.3.Final. This version contains bug fixes and documentation improvements for the 2.15 release train.

  • SingularityCE Now Accessible for Enterprise Linux

    SingularityCE, an open-source container runtime designed for data science, AI, and compute-driven analytics on performance-intensive systems is now accessible for Enterprise Linux users through the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repository.

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    Apache Cassandra 4.1 Goes GA, 'Paves the Way for Cloud-Native Future'

    The 4.1 release of the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database is now generally available. The project’s major release for 2022 comes with lots of new features and "paves the way," the community said in a blog post, for "a more cloud-native future" for the project. It also marks the community's commitment to annual releases, announced last year.

  • Class-Action Lawsuit Claims GitHub Copilot is Violating Open-Source Licenses

    A lawsuit filed in a U.S. Federal Court in San Francisco claims GitHub Copilot, which trained on billions of lines of publicly-available code, is violating the legal rights of those who posted code under open-source licenses.

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    GitHub Rolls Out Upgrades for Copilot and Others at GitHub Universe

    GitHub made some big product announcements at its annual GitHub Universe conference in San Francisco, including expanded access for business users of its Copilot AI-pair programming tool.

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    Java has a 'Commanding Lead' with App Log Data

    New Relic's just released "2022 State of Logs Report" captured data gathered from millions of applications within its observability platform, and half of all logs ingested by language agents came from Java.

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    Oracle Joins the Micronaut Foundation

    Oracle has joined the Micronaut Foundation, the not-for-profit organization established to advance innovation and adoption of a popular open-source, JVM-based framework for building microservices and serverless applications.

  • Popular Previews and Incubating Features: Java 19 Now GA

    Oracle announces Java 19, a short-term release with previews and incubating features from OpenJDK projects Amber, Panama, and Loom.

  • Fedora 37 Now in Beta

    The Fedora Project has announced the beta release of Fedora Linux 37, the latest version of the free and open source Fedora Linux operating system.

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    Lightbend Changes Licensing Model for Akka Amid Accusations of 'Cakeism'

    Lightbend, the company behind the Scala JVM language and developer of the Reactive Platform, is changing the license on its Akka technology from Apache 2.0 to the BSL v1.1 (Business Source License), starting with Akka v2.7, which is set for release in October.

  • F5 Unveils NGINX Management Suite

    The company behind the popular NGINX open-source web server launches a new traffic management and security solution designed to deliver better control over fleets of NGINX instances.

  • Contrast Security Adds SCA in Free CodeSec Tool

    App security tools provider Contrast Security adds software composition analysis capabilities to its free in CodeSec "developer-first" scanner.

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    FOSS Advocate Group Says Open Source Devs Should 'Give Up' GitHub

    Software Freedom Conservancy, a not-for-profit organization that provides support and legal services for free and open-source software (FOSS) projects, has quit GitHub, and says its community should do that same.

  • Eclipse Foundation and the Adoptium Working Group Launch the Adoptium Marketplace

    The Eclipse Foundation and the Adoptium Working Group announce The Adoptium Marketplace, a new marketplace for Java SE TCK-certified and AQAvit quality-tested binaries.

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    Fifth Annual Call for Code Challenges Devs to Use their Powers for Good

    Call for Code Global Challenge organizers launch their annual invitation to software developers from around the world to create open-source solutions that accelerate sustainability and combat climate change.

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    MSFT OpenJDK for Azure App Service

    The Microsoft Build of OpenJDK comes to its Azure App Service, bringing with it new support for Java 17 and Tomcat 10.0.

  • Why Should You Care About JDK 18?

    JDK 18 goes GA next week, and though it's not a Long-Term Support release, it does implement nine JEPs, a few of which, say two of our favorite Java mavens, are well worth a look.

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    What's New in JDK 18?

    The latest update of the Java Development Kit (JDK 18), goes GA next week, and though it’s not a Long-Term Support release, there's a lot to look forward to in this update.