Java & Eclipse

  • Helidon Java Microservices Framework Hits 1.0 Release

    Project Helidon, Oracle's nascent Java Microservices Framework, which was unveiled less than five months ago, is now available in a 1.0 release that includes full support for Eclipse MicroProfile 1.2 (Helidon MP), support for Eclipse Yasson and Jackson (Helidon SE) and numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • In-Memory Data Grid 'Puts Java Locks on Steroids'

    Hazelcast today announced the beta release of the latest version of its namesake in-memory data grid, Hazelcast IMDG 3.12. With this release, the company adds new features focused on data integrity, cloud interoperability and performance-sensitive data storage.

  • Google Adds UI Tools to ARCore Kit for Augmented Reality Apps

    Augmented reality, commonly identified as one of the major trends in mobile app development for 2019, gets a boost in the Android camp with an update of Google ARCore SDK that features new UI tools among other enhancements.

  • Q&A with JCache Spec Lead Greg Luck

    Greg Luck is co-spec lead on JSR 107 and the CTO of Hazelcast, which develops, distributes and supports a leading open source in-memory data grid (IMDG), also called Hazelcast.

  • Google's Java Containerization Tool 'Jib' Goes GA

    Jib is a fast and simple container image builder that consolidates all the steps involved in packaging an app into a container image, and allows developers to build containers using familiar Java tools.

  • Apache NetBeans 10.0 Release Adds Support for JDK 11, JUnit 5 and PHP

    The Apache Software Foundation's release of NetBeans 10.0 (incubating) at the end of December launched the venerable Java (now polyglot) IDE into 2019 with a slew of enhancements, including support for JDK 11, the addition of a JUnit 5 library and new PHP features.

  • What's New in Programming Language Popularity

    February 2019 reports on programming language popularity from TIOBE and PYPL are out, with the former tracking the rise of Groovy and the latter contrasting the trends of Python (up) with PHP (down).

  • Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 Released

    GlassFish 5.1 comprises the full migration of GlassFish and associated Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) code to Eclipse Foundation stewardship.

  • Skills Survey: Developers Want to Learn Go, Kotlin and Python in 2019

    Annual developer skills report shows JavaScript overtaking Java, top developer pet peeves, biggest employer turn-offs, importance of work-life balance and much more.

  • Google Asks Supreme Court to Overrule API Copyright Ruling

    Alphabet's Google subsidiary has petitioned the Supreme Court to review its long-running copyright dispute with Oracle over the use of software interfaces.

  • Red Hat Releases JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.2

    Red Hat announced the general availability of the 7.2 release of its JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, which comes with greater compliance with Java Enterprise Edition 8, JDK 11, Java SE 11 and additional support for Microsoft Windows and enterprise Java microservices.

  • Oracle Boosts IoT Support in Java Card 3.1

    Oracle has added some serious Internet of Things muscle to today's release of Java Card 3.1, with new features to address use cases across markets ranging from telecom and payments to cars and wearables.

  • Q&A: Mike Milinkovich on Java in 2018 and 2019

    John talks to Mike Milinkovich, executive director of Eclipse Foundation, about the stewardship transition of enterprise Java to the foundation in 2018 and other Java-related challenges and what he sees coming for the Java community in 2019.

  • Popularity Index: Python Is 2018 'Language of the Year'

    Python continued its rise in the TIOBE index of programming language popularity, clocking in at No. 3 in the January 2019 report and being named programming language of the year for 2018.

  • The JCP's VanCura on Java in 2019

    Look for increased community collaboration, growth in polyglot environments, more iterative development styles and more.

  • Java in 2019: A Look Ahead

    In the time-honored tradition of tech journalists everywhere, John reaches out to industry experts to see what's in store for his favorite programming language in the new year.

  • Popularity Index Charts Rise of VB.NET

    Microsoft's oft-maligned Visual Basic .NET was the big mover in the December TIOBE index of programming language popularity -- and even TIOBE was surprised.

  • Gradle 5.0 Released with Java 11 Support

    The latest milestone release of the popular open source build automation tool comes with a production-ready Kotlin DSL, dependency version alignment, and task timeouts, among a long list enhancements and upgrades.

  • New IntelliJ IDEA Released with Support for Java 12

    The much-anticipated IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 update of the popular development environment comes with a range of new features, bug fixes, and early support for features in the upcoming Java 12.

  • Amazon Steps in with Free LTS for its Corretto OpenJDK Distro

    The recent announcement that Amazon Web Services will be providing Java developers with a no-cost, fully supported OpenJDK distribution came as welcome news in the face of Oracle's decision to end free long-term support for OpenJDK after January 2019.

  • GitHub: 3 Features Make Programming Languages Popular

    GitHub has identified three features that make a programming language popular in 2018.

  • Apache TomEE 8.0 Reaches First Milestone

    The new version is a major update and will be the first to provide support for Java EE 8 and Eclipse Jakarta EE.

  • One More Reaction to IBM's Acquisition of Red Hat

    Gartner analyst Anne Thomas says combining the IBM and Red Hat teams eliminates some conflicts between the two organizations' enterprise Java activities, but she also warns of an almost inevitable decline in the total amount of resources allocated to supporting enterprise Java.

  • New Open Source Java SDK Helps Devs with Active Directory Projects

    Imperva has open sourced a new Java SDK designed to simplify interaction with Microsoft's Active Directory for small, medium and large development projects using LDAP.

  • Meet the JCP Executive Committee Candidates for Fall 2018

    The EC oversees the work of the Expert Groups that define Java specifications, essentially guiding the evolution of Java.