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Eclipse Foundation Gears Up for Enterprise Java Release with JakartaOne Live Stream

The Eclipse Foundation is gearing up for the Sept. 10 release of Jakarta EE 8, the first version of the enterprise Java platform under the Foundation's stewardship, with, among other things, a livestream event.

The JakartaOne Livestream is a one-day virtual conference aimed at developers and technical business leaders interested in "the current state and future of Jakarta EE and related technologies," with a focus on developing cloud native Java applications.

Perhaps named with a nostalgic nod to the venerable JavaOne conference, which is now CodeOne, (I'd like to think so, anyway), JakartaOne is scheduled for the same day as the Jakarta EE 8 release. The event features sessions and keynotes organized by an all-star program committee that includes Reza Rahman, principal program manager for Java on Azure at Microsoft, and one of the founders of the Java EE Guardians (and a personal fav speaker); veteran Java SE/EE developer, Java Champion, and popular YouTube educator Adam Bien; Arun Gupta, principal technologist at Amazon Web Services and the guy responsible for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) strategy within AWS (and founder of the Devoxx4Kids chapter in the US); Ivar Grimstad, Java Champion and PMC lead for the Eclipse Enterprise for Java Project (EE4J), the top-level project for Jakarta EE within Eclipse; Josh Juneau, developer, system analyst, and a fav blogger and author; and Tanja Obradovic, who joined Eclipse Foundation as Jakarta EE Program Manager June 2018.

Juneau, Grimstad, Bien, and Rahman will be presenting at the event, which will include keynotes by the Eclipse Foundation's executive director, Mike Milinkovich, and the Father of Java, James Gosling. There's also an industry keynote featuring vendors with lots of skin in the enterprise Java game, such as IBM, Oracle, Payara, Tomitribe and Fujitsu. Payara CEO Steve Millidge will be presenting, as will Tomitribe founder David Blevins, JCP star specification lead Dmitry Kornilov, and Java EE Guardians Arjan Tijms and Markus Karg, among others

Session topics range from Jakarta EE 8 features to a state-of-the-union for MicroProfile, Quarkus to Helidon. And the cloud, of course. Among the key findings of an Eclipse Foundation enterprise developer survey, published earlier this year: "The future of the Java ecosystem and Jakarta EE is increasingly driven by new cloud workloads and capabilities."

"Java continues to dominate as the language of choice for organizations deploying applications in production environments," Milinkovich at the time, "and this latest survey shows the same level of support as our 2018 survey. What's most interesting is to see the acceleration in the adoption of Java in new cloud native architectures. Clearly the future of Jakarta EE is cloud native."

In fact, this free, virtual, time-zone spanning conference was developed, in part, as a reaction to what Obradovic described in a blog post as "huge interest" in the Cloud Native track at the October EclipseCon Europe 2019.

Enterprise Java jocks -- or anyone, really -- can register now for what many (including me) consider to be a must-attend event.

Posted by John K. Waters on August 14, 2019