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Meet the JCP Executive Committee Candidates for Fall 2018

The Java Community Process (JCP), the standards-development organization for Java technology, has posted the nominees for the 2018 Fall Executive Committee (EC) election. Eight seats are open for this election, including 8 Ratified, 3 Elected and 1 Associate.

The EC oversees the work of the Expert Groups that define Java specifications, essentially guiding the evolution of Java. The committee picks the JSRs that will be developed, approves draft specs and final specs, approves Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) licenses, approves maintenance revisions and occasionally defers features to new JSRs, approves transfer of maintenance duties between members, and provides guidance to the Program Management Office (PMO).

The EC comprises 16 Ratified Seats, 6 Elected Seats, and 2 Associate Seats, all serving a two-year term, as well as a permanent seat held by Oracle America, the official steward of Java. The Ratified Seats are filled by Full Members nominated by the PMO; the Elected and Associate Seats are filled by members nominated by Full and Partner Members.

This will be the third EC election held under JCP 2.10 rules implemented in 2016. The JCP now offers three membership levels: the Associate level, for unaffiliated individuals; the Partner level, for Java User Groups and other non-profit organizations; and Full Membership, for "legal entities who wish to join Expert Groups, lead JSRs, and/or vote or serve on the Executive Committee."

The list of this election's candidates includes:

  • Ratified Seats:
    • Kingsum Chow, Chief Scientist at Alibaba
    • Jackie Haynes, who works in the core engineering group at Godman Sachs
    • Trisha Gee, a Java Champion and Java Developer Advocate at JetBrains
    • Hendrik Hoefer, co-founder/technical director of MicroDoc ComputerSystems GmbH
    • Volker Simonis, a long-time OpenJDK contributor who works on Java/JVM technologies at SAP
    • Prasad Yendluri, Vice President Product Development at Software AG
    • Donald Raab, Managing Director and Instructional Coach on the Shared Services Team at the Bank of New York Mellon
    • Leonardo Lima is CTO at V2COM
  • Elected Seats:
    • Gil Tene is CTO and co-founder at Azul Systems
    • Simon Ritter is Deputy CTO at Azul Systems
    • Janine Patterson, President of the Chicago Java Users Group
    • Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation
    • Martijn Verberg, co-leader of the London Java User Group
  • Associate Seats:
    • Joseph Aruja
    • Marcus Biel
    • Ivar Grimstad
    • Ceyhun Erturk

The JCP hosted a "Meet the JCP EC Candidates" Birds of a Feather (BOF) session at the Oracle Code One conference in San Francisco last week. The JCP is also planning a meet-the-candidates conference call for this Thursday, Nov. 1, at 10 AM PDT. The candidates' statements are available on the JCP Web site.

Posted by John K. Waters on October 31, 2018