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Oracle Launches Worldwide Java Campaign Leading up to JavaOne

Oracle has unveiled a summer campaign that includes a series of programs and activities for Java developers "and aspiring developers around the world." Dubbed "Make the Future Java," the campaign comprises webinars, new (and not-so-new) technical videos, a tool kit for Java User Group (JUG) leaders, a "Make the Future Java Global Celebration" Web site, and live events taking place in 47 countries.

Oracle says more than 100 Java-related events are scheduled as part of the campaign, which culminates with the annual JavaOne conference, scheduled for June 22-26 in San Francisco. JavaOne Shanghai takes place later this month (July 22 to 26) in China. 

"This is really an aggregation of several important announcements and campaigns that do amount to a summer push and an effective way of getting the word out," said IDC analyst Al Hilwa. "This is a fun campaign and the Java community will love seeing some marketing go towards Java."

Oracle's Vice President of Development Cameron Purdy banged the Java drum loudly in the company's announcement. "Oracle is committed to, not only driving Java platform enhancements and technical innovations through collaboration with the Java community, but also, providing developers with the tools and resources they need to implement the latest releases," Purdy said.

Purdy pointed to the Make the Future Java EE 7 Tool Kit, which JUG leaders can order online, as an example of Oracle's commitment to the Java community. The kits include both technical and promotional resources ranging from a Java EE 7 technical presentation with speaker notes and a hands on lab with step-by-step instructions that speed up the creation of three-tier, end-to-end Java EE applications, to a Java flag (with portable stand) and "License to Code, Make the Future Java" entertainment video "celebrating the triumph of Java over evil."

The program also includes a Future of Java Summer Workshop, with which the company hopes to "inspire students' love of technology and computer science, and spark the next generation of Java innovation." The workshop is aimed at 13-18 year olds with an interest in Java programming, and will be staffed by Oracle Academy members and supported by Carnegie Mellon computer science professors. Oracle Academy, a group within the company focused on industry-related education, is set to host a three-day, in-person workshop from July 30 to August 1st at Oracle's Redwood Shores, CA, headquarters.

But the workshop will also rely on "Alice," a free 3D programming environment for animated story telling, playing an interactive game, or videos to share on the Web. The company is also making Greenfoot and BlueJ tools and tutorials available to workshop participants.

With the Make the Future Java Global Celebration Web site, Oracle is attempting to provide a new forum for Java community members to promote their Java EE 7 events and to "engage with the worldwide community" by sharing videos, contributing blog content, Tweets (#javaee7) and Facebook photos.

"It is useful to remind the world every now and then how important Java is in the enterprise," Hilwa added.  "I also love the claim being made [by Oracle] that 80 percent of mobile developers target Java, because even though Java is widely deployed in the embedded space, you can't dismiss the importance of the Android mobile platform to the continued relevance of Java in the smartphone world."

Posted by John K. Waters on July 10, 2013