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Announcing the Ultimate in Agile

Our Agile Architect shares a success story of extreme agile taken not just to the edge but over it.

I ran across a press release today that I thought was timely to share. There are important lessons to be learned from this success story at the very edge of agile development.


Narrabril Corp. Announces Ultimate Breakthrough in Agile Development!

Crispin City, Colo., April 1, 2017 -- The Narrabril Corporation is pleased to announce the immediate release of their flagship product Cronundrum as the premiere agile tool in the market.

Says Narrabril Corporation President April Johansson, "We've taken a big leap in agile software development and we are pleased to share it with the software development community through Cronundrum. As big supporters of Test Driven Development, we've always valued the clever practice of reversing the waterfall approach of design-code-test to test-code-design. But we don't think TDD takes the reversal paradigm far enough, After noodling on this for a bit, our CIO came up with a clever idea."

CIO Frank Smart explains further: "Agile teaches us to release software frequently in order to speed up the feedback cycle and allow us to learn from what we've built. Continuous deployment techniques allow us to push out software updates easily. Some companies are able to push out multiple releases per day, significantly reducing the time from when the code is written to when its value is realized in the market. We've taken this to its ultimate end and are pleased as punch to announce that we are now releasing Cronundrum before we develop it. This gives us a tremendous advantage in the market!"

Johansson continues, "With Frank's clever twist on TDD, extending it to release-test-code-design, we've taken a huge leap forward in agility. And Cronundrum will make this possible for all of our customers. We are really looking forward to tomorrow's release when we learn what we are going to be working on for the next several months. I'm sure we are going to have some great ideas and it will be extremely gratifying to learn what they will be."

"But," says Smart, "This is just the first release. For the second release, we are extending this even further from hire-design-code-test-release" to "release-test-code-design-hire." We can't wait to see what our future employees are going to create and now we don't have to! Cronundrum 2.0 will be even better than Cronundrum 1.0. And it will be available yesterday!"

Final Thoughts
Unbelievable, no?

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