The State of Technology According to Google Auto-Fill

What does the first entry of Google's auto-fill feature say about various technologies? For some reason we recently decided to find out.

All results gathered across a few random nights in March and April 2011.  Your results may vary.

  • Cloud Computing is bullsh*it
  • Virtualization is the future
  • Parallel computing is the future
  • Parallel programming is hard
  • Agile is dead
  • Scrum is not enough
  • Disaster recovery is important
  • Thin clients are in again
  • VOIP is free
  • Hacking is easy
  • Software is obsolete
  • Databases are obsolete
  • Servers are down
  • Browsers are slow
  • Ports are open
  • Open source is better
  • Freeware is free
  • APIs are forever
  • Middleware is everywhere
  • Tablets are stupid
  • Desktops are dying
  • Smart phones are expensive
  • Mobile computing is useful only in professions
  • Laptops are cooking peoples (sic)
  • Mainframes are used
  • Cabling is intact
  • Wireless is slow
  • IPV4 is gone
  • IPV6 is installed
  • Coding is fun
  • Programming is hard
  • Scripting is not programming
  • Network architecture is the design
  • Big data is less about size
  • Interoperability is important
  • Video conferencing is green
  • Data centers are becoming big polluters
  • DRM is evil
  • File sharing is good
  • Web 2.0 is bullsh*t
  • 3G is so slow
  • 4G is a myth
  • SEO is dead
  • HTML 5 is dead 
  • CSS is awesome
  • CSS 3 is not HTML 5
  • Social media is not
  • IT jobs are boring
  • Software testing is boring
  • Game development is thirsty work
  • Tech support is not the answer


About the Author

Becky Nagel is the former editorial director and director of Web for 1105 Media's Converge 360 group, and she now serves as vice president of AI for company, specializing in developing media, events and training for companies around AI and generative AI technology. She's the author of "ChatGPT Prompt 101 Guide for Business Users" and other popular AI resources with a real-world business perspective. She regularly speaks, writes and develops content around AI, generative AI and other business tech. Find her on X/Twitter @beckynagel.