The State of Technology According to Google Auto-Fill

What does the first entry of Google's auto-fill feature say about various technologies? For some reason we recently decided to find out.

All results gathered across a few random nights in March and April 2011.  Your results may vary.

  • Cloud Computing is bullsh*it
  • Virtualization is the future
  • Parallel computing is the future
  • Parallel programming is hard
  • Agile is dead
  • Scrum is not enough
  • Disaster recovery is important
  • Thin clients are in again
  • VOIP is free
  • Hacking is easy
  • Software is obsolete
  • Databases are obsolete
  • Servers are down
  • Browsers are slow
  • Ports are open
  • Open source is better
  • Freeware is free
  • APIs are forever
  • Middleware is everywhere
  • Tablets are stupid
  • Desktops are dying
  • Smart phones are expensive
  • Mobile computing is useful only in professions
  • Laptops are cooking peoples (sic)
  • Mainframes are used
  • Cabling is intact
  • Wireless is slow
  • IPV4 is gone
  • IPV6 is installed
  • Coding is fun
  • Programming is hard
  • Scripting is not programming
  • Network architecture is the design
  • Big data is less about size
  • Interoperability is important
  • Video conferencing is green
  • Data centers are becoming big polluters
  • DRM is evil
  • File sharing is good
  • Web 2.0 is bullsh*t
  • 3G is so slow
  • 4G is a myth
  • SEO is dead
  • HTML 5 is dead 
  • CSS is awesome
  • CSS 3 is not HTML 5
  • Social media is not
  • IT jobs are boring
  • Software testing is boring
  • Game development is thirsty work
  • Tech support is not the answer


About the Author

Becky Nagel is the vice president of Web & Digital Strategy for 1105's Converge360 Group, where she oversees the front-end Web team and deals with all aspects of digital projects at the company, including launching and running the group's popular virtual summit and Coffee talk series . She an experienced tech journalist (20 years), and before her current position, was the editorial director of the group's sites. A few years ago she gave a talk at a leading technical publishers conference about how changes in Web browser technology would impact online advertising for publishers. Follow her on twitter @beckynagel.