In-Depth Articles on Design Patterns and OO

Here’s a nice page full of articles on OO design and related topics, courtesy of Joseph Bergin, a CS Professor.

The articles range from A Nuclear Stability Calculator to Teaching Objects on the First Day (which for some reason has been tagged with an orange-and-yellow SPICY! logo).

They’re divided into various subject groups, including Java, Object-Orienteation, and Design Patterns; Elementary Patterns; and… (pause for dramatic effect)… Extreme Programming (XP).

In fact Dr Bergin is an XP trainer and ScrumMaster, so many of his articles do have an XP/agile theme. Which is fine, really. I can cope! If you read his XP articles, just be sure to balance them with the “anti-XP”.

About the Author

Matt Stephens is a senior architect, programmer and project leader based in Central London. He co-wrote Agile Development with ICONIX Process, Extreme Programming Refactored, and Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML - Theory and Practice.