ODF Finds Support in a Growing Number of Apps

Last week I mentioned that I knew of only two office suites that currently support OASIS's Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF): StarOffice and OpenOffice.org. Sun's ever-helpful chief open-source officer, Simon Phipps, let me know today about a few more, as well as some other types of applications that support the open file format. The source for the following list is Wikipedia, which, of course, I could have consulted myself... if I'd thought of it. My bad.

Along with the aforementioned office suites, a number of apps support the ODF, including:

  • Akshar Naveen (multilingual office suite)
  • Aukyla (document management system)
  • DocMgr (document management system)
  • eZ publish (free OS content management system)
  • GNOME Office (free collection of desktop productivity apps)
  • IBM Workplace (client-side framework for creating server-managed business applications)
  • Knomos (workflow and knowledge management application for law firms)
  • KOffice (free office suite for KDE)
  • Lenteja (text document repository)
  • NeoOffice (a port of OpenOffice.org to the Mac OS X)
  • Scribus (OS desktop publishing app)
  • SoftMaker Office (German office suite)
  • TEA (text editor)
  • Visioo Writer (OpenDocument file viewer)
  • Writely (Web-based word processor, currently in beta)

Several search tools also support the ODF. Among them:

  • Beagle
  • Copernic
  • Google Desktop Search
  • Kat Desktop Search Environment
  • Windows Desktop Search

And there's planned support in the following:

  • Software602's 602PC Office Suite
  • JustSystem's Ichitaro office suite, which the Wikipedia identifies as the second most common Japanese office software
  • Mozilla Firefox

More details on this Wikipedia page

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