JavaScript in 10 Minutes

Packing them in

Anyone looking for a quick, painless introduction to JavaScript syntax could do worse than browse casually down this page.

It’s a “no fluff” breakdown of JavaScript; it’s so terse that it’s almost a reference guide, yet it still somehow manages to read like a tutorial. The “10 minutes” thing is a bit of a stretch (30 minutes, maybe, to get the best from it), as there’s a surprising amount of information packed efficiently onto the one page.

Someone learning how to program from scratch would have a hard time following this tutorial. It assumes that you’re already familiar with programming constructs and ideas in other languages (Java, C++ etc) and uses those as comparison points. In fact, this is a major reason why the tutorial is so efficient.

So it’s really a tutorial optimised towards experienced programmers who want to quickly learn the JavaScript essentials. Well worth a look.

About the Author

Matt Stephens is a senior architect, programmer and project leader based in Central London. He co-wrote Agile Development with ICONIX Process, Extreme Programming Refactored, and Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML - Theory and Practice.