First Look: Leveraging Open Source in the Enterprise

Mergere gives businesses access to commercially supported open source solutions.

Mergere Inc., an open source software lifecycle management company, recently announced support for build orchestration and management tools that enable enterprises to integrate, control, and automate today's hybrid software environments. Enterprises can leverage the advantages of open source development methods through Mergere's subscription-based support, training, and consulting services for the Apache Software Foundation's Maven and Continuum projects.

The Apache Maven project is an open source build system designed to manage software projects in today's distributed, interdependent, and heterogeneous development ecosystem. In conjunction with the Apache Continuum project, Maven enables application and IT development organizations to efficiently integrate open, licensed, and internally developed source code.

Mergere's support for Maven and Continuum gives businesses access to commercially supported open source solutions for build automation, development lifecycle management, and corporate software compliance. Mergere is backed by Simula Labs, which provides operational and entrepreneurial expertise to open source companies.

"Open source communities have proven they can deliver world-class software, developing as globally distributed teams that work in rapid cycles and building from highly interdependent components. Our goal is to commercialize the technical underpinning that powers open source development," said Winston Damarillo, CEO of Mergere.

Mergere's professional technical services include 24/7 annual support contracts on a per-project basis, as well as standardized and custom consulting and training options. Visit for more information.