Six ways to stay the course

1. Have an implementation roll-out plan that starts small and grows gradually. Don’t be too aggressive—this is a highly visible application, often used first by the corporate higher-ups. Problems that result from poor planning reflect on the IT department.

2. Stay strong. Have guidelines for job types that require wireless access and stick to that framework. Sure, this won’t keep the division president away, but it will slow the hordes of other would-be wireless users.

3. Make sure that whatever product you choose can support the creation of multiple images. That way you can still install department-specific software, if necessary, but still minimize the IT support burden.

4. It makes more sense to standardize on a device, but if you decide to support more than one brand or type of PDAs or smartphones, plan accordingly.

5. Look out over the next two years and think about what your company might want to do with wireless devices. E-mail and calendar are sure bets. But what else?

6. Choose your wireless applications wisely. The technology is best used for tasks that require only a few screens of information and limited data entry.

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