What do you know?

Congratulations to Chafik Barbar of Lincoln, Nebraska for being the first to give the correct answer to the question posed in the DE-CODER section of the March print edition of ADT.

The answer to the question, "True or False: Cookies are not supported in Web services because they are not in XML format and cannot be used across multiple service executions." is: False. (Cookies are not supported in Web services because Web services do not maintain state information--not because cookies are not in XML format.)

Barbar will receive copies of Understanding SOA with Web Services by Eric Newcomer, and Imperfect XML: Rants, Raves, Tips and Tricks...from an Insider by David Megginson, both published by Addison-Wesley (2004).

Look to the April issue of ADT for next month's question. We'll post the answer on after we have a winner.