Product Guide: New Products

Application Management/Deployment

Xamlon Pro-Windows Forms Edition, an application development package, is composed of an XAML runtime engine and tool set. It equips developers to begin coding in XAML, the XML-based markup language for Microsoft's next-generation operating system scheduled for release in 2006. The XAML runtime engine enables developers to generate and compile XAML files to create deployable .exe files. The product includes tools and converters to allow developers to use the engine in conjunction with common design programs.
Xamlon Inc.
San Diego, Calif.

Clarity 7.5, Niku Corp.’s flagship product for IT management and governance, is a comprehensive solution for federated IT organizations, its manufacturer says. Its enhancements support global management and governance while allowing visibility into IT service areas that impact total demand for resources.
Niku Corporation
Redwood City, Calif.

WebRider is built on Linux and operates with enterprise applications. According to its manufacturer, WebRider optimizes XML, J2EE and .NET environments while increasing performance and scalability of enterprise servers. Developed for industries with intensive computing and data needs, WebRider tracks bandwidth and throughput savings. Web-Rider can be purchased as a software-only solution, or Stampede can install the application on an IBM eServer and ship the integrated software/hardware solution.
Stampede Technologies Inc.
Dayton, Ohio

OpenService has released a new version of its network fault management and real-time correlation technology, NerveCenter 4.0. It enables organizations to identify and escalate potentially damaging network and security events as they occur. It features support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as well as performance enhancements to NerveCenter’s industry-standard PERL extensibility for all supported platforms.
OpenService Inc.
Westborough, Mass.

Data Management

GlobalSCAPE has announced a new release of its Enhanced File Transfer solution, an enterprise software application that manages critical online data exchange processes to protect company information assets from loss, theft or misuse.

The product ensures that encrypted transactions occur only between designated entities and that data integrity and confidentiality are preserved from transport to storage on disk, according to the company. GlobalSCAPE
San Antonio

Astoria 4.3 offers enhanced structured document management for distributed workgroups. With it, complex XML documents can be securely authored by access through the Internet.

This upgrade expands support for advanced differencing to automate content updates from third-party sources. Also new is the ability to branch a document to create two release variants and then merge them.
Astoria Software Inc.
San Mateo, Calif.

MicroOLAP has released DBACentral for MySQL 1.3, a GUI front-end tool for database administration and data management.

A special version, the DBACentral Run-Time Edition, is designed for distribution among end users of the database along with the GUI forms and stored queries developed within the standard edition. MicroOLAP Technologies LTD
Chernogolovka (Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

DecisionPoint 11 is available. This financial performance management suite allows companies to see the financial impact of their operations by automatically linking enterprise data from Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and legacy software into an integrated analytic environment.

The DecisionPoint enterprise data warehouse provides users access to the transaction details behind summary reports.
DecisionPoint Software
San Mateo, Calif.

OmniPilot has shipped Lasso Professional Server 8, a tool for developing, serving and managing data-driven Web applications. The company refers to the new version as a “build once, deploy anywhere” tool.

The upgrade is free to Lasso Professional Alliance members. LP7 users can upgrade for $349, LP8 users for $399. New users can purchase LP8 for $649.
OmniPilot Software Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Processes and Practices

Fuego has released a new version of its business process management software. BPM 5.5 features a business analyst modeling tool, multi-process simulation, and process dashboards. According to the company, this release enables companies to manage process exceptions and measure effectiveness in achieving process improvement.
Dallas, Texas

Ekahau has created an application software suite for Wi-Fi location tracking. Combined with the company’s positioning engine and Wi-Fi tags, the product is called Ekahau Real Time Location System. With it, users can pinpoint the location of Wi-Fi-based mobile devices such as laptops, PDAs, and Wi-Fi tags, in real time.
Ekahau Inc.
Saratoga, Calif.

Forum Sentry Web Services Security Gateway 4.1, from Forum Systems, is available. It has evolved from securing Web services with service-oriented architectures, the company says, to protecting event-driven applications, allowing enterprises to deal with exceptions and fluctuations in complex asynchronous software services. With this product, enterprises can replace static and hardwired business rules to dynamic and corrective business rules, according to Forum Systems.
Forum Systems Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

UniPress Software has announced a new version of FootPrints Asset Management, which helps admins troubleshoot IT issues. This Web-based asset discovery and tracking system automatically takes snapshots of users' desktops and laptop configurations, capturing the type of operating system and other hardware and software installed. Asset inventory information can be auto-populated into FootPrints tickets for issue resolution.
UniPress Software Inc.
Edison, N.J.


A new version of UC4:global, a job scheduling solution, is available. UC4:global 3.02B enables organizations to integrate more platforms and applications found in heterogeneous IT environments, according to UC4 Software, its manufacturer. This release includes an auto forecast function to display tasks scheduled to run within specified time periods, a browser-based interface, and integrated version management for increased transparency.
UC4 Software
New York City

Magic Software has announced iBolt Business Integration Suite 2. iBolt includes capabilities for business process management, business activity monitoring, and enterprise application integration. Architects may access iBolt services from the product’s studio graphical design interface. iBolt enables simulation and testing of changes to business processes, independent of the actual business or the ongoing integration process.
Magic Software Enterprises
Or-Yehuda, Israel

Bowstreet has introduced Bowstreet Enterprise Portal Solutions, a set of portal-based composite applications. The first suite of the set is the Workforce Management Suite, which includes employee and manager self-service applications for IBM WebSphere Portal and Workplace. The solutions come with pre-packaged portlets, browser-based configuration tools, and Portlet Factory technology that allows users to modify the suite to meet business requirements. Enterprise Portal Solutions also ships with wizard-driven connectors that automate the process of pointing portlets at multiple data sources.
Bowstreet Inc.
Tewksbury, Mass.

Integrity PC enables the incorporation of legacy applications and traditional operating systems into high-security and high-reliability applications, according to its manufacturer, Green Hills Software. Integrity PC integrates the Integrity Real-Time Operating Systems with new Padded Cell secure virtualization technology, which implements a virtual computer in a user-mode application running on top of the Integrity operating system. Multiple Padded Cell applications can run concurrently on one computer, each hosting its own guest operating system.

Green Hills Software’s Integrate tool allows users to graphically configure a system’s security. With Integrity PC, multiple instances of the same or different operating systems can run concurrently in different virtual computers. No re-compilation is needed for guest operating systems to run with existing applications.
Green Hills Software Inc.
Santa Barbara, Calif.

Tools and Technologies

Network Director RM offers reliable messaging, prioritized, guaranteed delivery, and asynchronous messaging to the services network, adding reliable queuing and WS-ReliableMessaging support, according to Blue Titan. The product comes with embedded queues.
Blue Titan Software Inc.
San Francisco, Calif.

Compuware has announced two new products. DevPartner Fault Simulator emulates real-world application and environment errors to help application life cycle professionals debug their applications’ reactions to errors. DevPartner SecurityChecker provides application security vulnerability analysis to enable developers to quickly locate and fix security vulnerabilities in ASP.NET applications.
Compuware Corporation
Detroit, Mich.

Quest Spotlight on Exchange 5.0, a diagnostic and problem resolution product for Exchange, is available. Features include real-time tests that can be scheduled to run based on organizational needs, message-flow views to help administrators identify over- and underutilized servers or routing bottlenecks, and data collection, which allows administrators to apply specific counters to problem servers. You can download the software from the Web site.
Quest Software Inc.
Irvine, Calif. 

LANDesk Security Suite is designed to defend against such threats as spyware, malware, worms and unauthorized access. The solution features patch management capabilities, unwanted application blocking, and a Connection Control Manager to limit the networks a client can access. It can also verify lists of authorized connections, and enable or disable USB ports, modems, drives, ports, or wireless access.
LANDesk Software
Salt Lake City, Utah

extend 6.2 offers support for .NET and external sort modules. It also includes thin-client technology to enable developers to provide Web access to their applications. With the thin client, developers can either embed an application within a browser page or execute it outside the browser. The latter gives developers the option of deploying thin client apps on the Internet without rewriting or recompiling them, according to Acucorp.
Acucorp Inc.
San Diego, Calif.

Product Highlights

LifeKeeper for Linux 4.6
LifeKeeper for Linux 4.6 from SteelEye Technology provides data replication and high availability for enterprise applications in Linux and Windows. The new version supports more Linux distributions and kernels in a wide range of configuration options, according to the company.

LifeKeeper for Linux supports the building of active/active and active/standby data and application high availability configurations of up to 32 nodes. LifeKeeper also supports both shared nothing configurations using data replication and shared storage configurations.
SteelEye Technology Inc.
Mountain View, Calif.

Workgroup Server
Five Across has released its Workgroup Server, which enhances messaging and document security for corporate users. It operates in conjunction with the company’s workgroup instant messaging software, InterComm, providing corporations with flexibility for securing instant messaging and improving performance for file sharing and project management activities, according to the company.

Five Across Workgroup Server logs all individual chat conversations centrally to support corporate logging and auditing reqirements. Pricing starts at $3,490 for a 20-user license.
Five Across Inc.,
Palo Alto, Calif.

ManageEngine WiFi Manager 4
AdventNet has announced ManageEngine WiFi Manager 4, a WLAN management solution that enables IT teams to offer mobile users the benefits of Wi-Fi technology while reducing the associated security risks and administrative workloads. WiFi Manager 4 identifies more than 40 types of security threats including rogue access points, attacks, and vulnerabilities in wireless networks, according to the company.

WiFi Manager enables IT administrators to manage large wireless networks from a Web-based user interface. It monitors the health and availability of access points, mobile clients, switches, routers, servers, and desktops. Built-in reports provide information on security, usage, and performance. AdventNet Inc.,
Pleasanton, Calif.