Product Guide: Highlights

Protection! Pro
This product provides named-user license support that links user licenses to a hardware-based attribute of the user's system, according to the company.

Protection! Pro builds on the features of Protection!, jProductivity’s original licensing framework for custom Java applications. The company says the product is easily embedded into any application or delivery mechanism, from CD-based software to Web-delivered products.

Other key enhancements include support for license activation, Web services, and plug-ins. Protection! Pro also offers a Resolver feature that can be used to intercept and fix any issue that occurs during license reading and/or validation, as well as a series of licensinig wizards to simplify rules for license activation, evaluation, and online and offline upgrades.

The product is verified for Windows 95/98/NT/ 2000/XP, Solaris/SPARC/x868, and Linux (Red Hat/ SuSE). As a Java-based product, it is designed to work on any platform with support for Java 1.4.

Protection! Pro is priced at $699 for a single-user license per developer; multi-user discounts are available.

jProductivity LLC, New York

ReachView ICE 3.5
ReachView ICE 3.5, from ReachView Technologies, provides a flexible, active dashboard and operational business intelligence solution that enables companies to view, capture, control and resolve issues affecting critical business processes, according to the company.

The new version is built on the Microsoft .NET platform and takes advantage of the latest Windows platform features, including increased stability, security and performance within existing applications. It also introduces a new user portal, which provides a real-time view of dashboard creation, allowing for user input.

The product consists of three core components: ICE Studio, a drag-and-drop desktop design tool; ICE Communicators, which allows the end user to collect information from any source and communicate with the source based on key performance indicators; and The ICE Active Dashboard, which contains gauges, graphs and dials that provide executives, managers and technicians with real-time views into business processes.

ReachView Technologies, Atlanta

AutoMate 5.5
Network Automation has shipped Version 5.5 of its flagship product, AutoMate, which automates front- and back-office IT tasks. The product contains a variety of features that further enable IT professionals to automate projects quickly, including scheduling, monitoring and integrating IT systems, without complicated programming, according to the company.

AutoMate breaks down common IT actions into visual steps that emulate a user’s manual execution of a sequence of steps. The software uses wizards to guide users through the process of building a task by breaking tasks down into various actions and triggers.

The product contains three primary components: the Task Administrator, which customizes and directs the product; Task Builder, which visually sequences the task steps a user must undertake; and Task Service, which launches triggered tasks.

Network Automation, (formerly Unisyn Software), Los Angeles

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