Christmas with the gurus

Requirements guru shares 'cosmic truths'
Requirements are the foundation of every software development project. Good, bad, or ugly, everything gets built on them. Karl E. Wiegers believes that developers can put a little rebar in that foundation by recognizing a set of nearly universal requirements principles he calls "cosmic truths."

Methodology guru applies agile principles to project management
"The core values and principles of agile development are modified a little bit for project management," Highsmith told attendees at the Better Software conference. "But the fundamentals do apply."
Guru says Web services security in developers' hands
Our favorite security guru, Gary McGraw, has said it so often that it's almost a cliche: If you want secure systems, you've got to build security into the applications that run on them.

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Gurus provide black-hat insights into security
Since 1996, security guru Dr. Gary McGraw has been admonishing software developers to consider threats and vulnerabilities early in the development cycle. For attackers, it's all about getting to exploitable code, McGraw believes, which ultimately puts the security onus on programmers.

Guru delivers Open Source State of the Union
Linux and open-source guru Bruce Perens opened his third bi-annual "Open Source State of the Union" talk at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco with a dire warning about the dangers of U.S.-style software patents spreading to Europe. “If we continue toward a regime of global software packaging with patents as bad as the U.S., Linux and open source are toast,” Perens said.

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