It's survey time

I ran across a little bit of news the other day that might interest some of you readers, depending on how your career path has been going lately. It seems that, a site that's a good source of information on outsourcing in the IT field, has put up a new survey. They're looking for respondents for the survey, which evaluates how IT workers are affected when they move from their company to a service provider in the course of an IT-oriented outsourcing initiative.

The survey is aimed at both IT staff and management who have been involved in a trasfer from a company to a service provider. It'll be open until the end of the year, and they tell me that they hope to learn about the impact IT workers face as a result of job transfers mandated by outsourcing initiatives in their companies. Is management honest and upfront about the decision to outsource? How are compensation and benefits affected by such a transfer? Are there advantages and disadvantages to working for the service provider vs. the company that is doing the outsourcing?

The survey should take about ten minutes, and as an added carrot they're giving away four $25 Amazon gift certificates to participants. Results should be published in January.

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