Big changes afoot at Developer Central

Big changes are afoot here at Developer Central. The Developer Central e-mail newsletter is going to go away in mid-December.

But don't let that worry you; I'm not out of a job! Instead, Developer Central is going to become a blog here on the Web site.

I've been blogging in one venue or another since 1999, way back when there were literally under 200 bloggers on the entire Web. Now, of course, there are hundreds of thousands. But none of those other bloggers has space on, so I'll still be setting my own standards.

What will be in the blog? Pretty much what you've come to expect from the newsletter: product reviews, longer editorial pieces, random potshots at the industry, book reviews, advice, and so on. But there will be some new things as well. I won't tell you about all of them now (in part because we're still hammering out the site features), but there's one that I hope you readers take advantage of: comments. There will be a discussion area set aside for every blog posting, and I'm hoping to see some healthy give and take.

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Mike Gunderloy has been developing software for a quarter-century now, and writing about it for nearly as long. He walked away from a .NET development career in 2006 and has been a happy Rails user ever since. Mike blogs at A Fresh Cup.

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