Product briefs

Blueglue 3.0
OpenLogic has released BlueGlue 3.0, the latest version of its Open Source Development Toolbox, featuring improved usability and enhanced open-source projects.

Previously known as Out-of-the-Box, BlueGlue provides Java and Lamp developers with an automated way to select, install, configure and maintain their development infrastructure. The product features one-stop, enhanced distribution of more than 100 open-source projects, including Apache, JBoss, Tomcat, Struts and Eclipse; automated installation, configuration, integration, deployment and testing of any combination of projects chosen; and regular updates to keep things current with the latest fixes, enhancements and security patches.

Version 3.0 comes in three flavors: BlueGlue Standard, for developers focused solely on Web and GUI development, is $199 per year; BlueGlue Advanced, a suite for front- and back-end development, including server-side projects, is $399 per year; and BlueGlue Team, a collection of team collaboration tools that helps development teams to manage their products, is $199 per year. OpenLogic, Highlands Ranch, Colo.,

Shadow z/Services

Shadow z/Services is a SOAP-based mainframe integration solution that lets organizations transform CICS, IMS and IDMS applications into Web services.

The product allows developers to expose mainframe app logic and application presentation environments as Web services. For organizations that need to reuse app logic, Shadow z/Services exposes COMMAREA-based programs in CICS, IMS or Advantage IDMS as Web services. Using the product’s Introspection technology, developers can dynamically parse the application COMMAREA and generate the WSDL and additional information necessary to enable developers to include the newly published Web service in a new app.

For firms needing to expose Web services from screen-based apps, Shadow z/Services lets developers orchestrate a logical flow between multiple screens to support a business process and publish the microflow as a SOAP-based Web service. To improve response times to the Web services consumer, the microflow executes from the Shadow Address Space. Neon Systems, Sugar Land, Texas,


Ivis Technologies announces the debut of NetBoost, a next-generation product whose functionality is identical to the company’s JBoostT for Java. JBoostT is an infrastructure app that manages the security, presentation look and feel, and globalization of apps, sites and portals built with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework.

NetBoost’s reusable infrastructure services eliminate the supporting infrastructure tasks commonly associated with three aspects of ASP.NET-based application development and management: security management of Web apps and artifacts, presentation management and globalization management.

The solution also offers an administration console that allows Web and security admins to securely manage users, groups, roles, policies and apps according to the enterprise’s established policies. NetBoost’s security monitors all incoming HTTP requests for file or app access, and ensures that proper user authorization control and policy-driven user provisioning takes place before access is granted.

A free Developer Edition is available. A Professional Edition, priced at $2,495, supports 10 concurrent sessions. Ivis Technologies, Scottsdale, Ariz.,

ManageSoft Security Software Patch Management

ManageSoft Security Software Patch Management is a patch management solution that supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows and Unix.

The new platform provides enterprises running Red Hat Linux -- and mixed environments -- with a single solution for automatically deploying, updating and managing security patches. It also enables IT administrators to manage Windows and Linux security patches from a single console. The software automatically heals applications and provides up-to-the-minute reporting on the status of enterprise-wide security patch protection. ManageSoft, Boston, Mass.,

SmartRisk Analyzer

@stake introduces its SmartRisk Analyzer, an automated solution for identifying the root causes of security vulnerabilities in software applications.

Using deep static analysis of the app binary code, developers can perform an in-depth analysis by mapping app control and data flow paths into a comprehensive security model, and expediting new, legacy and outsourced code review. SmartRisk Analyzer builds a multidimensional model of the application and runs hundreds of risk analyses against the model to identify and prioritize security vulnerabilities. The product also allows developers and QA teams to find and fix security flaws early in the dev cycle. @stake, Cambridge, Mass.,

EMC NetWin 110 NAS Gateway

EMC NetWin 110 NAS Gateway, based on Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003, is a solution for users looking to implement network-attached storage for the first time or expand the capabilities of a storage-area network by enabling it to also perform NAS functions.

The product is available in direct-attached and gateway configurations. Trial copies of Legato data protection software are also included.

The starting base price for EMC NetWin 110 NAS Gateway is $6,100. EMC, Hopkinton, Mass.,


InstallAnywhere.NET exploits Windows Installer without the need for proprietary scripts or add-ons, according to Zero G Software, its publisher. The product produces pure Windows Installer-compliant packages that configure and deploy enterprise-class Windows, .NET and next-generation apps. InstallAnywhere.NET is the newest addition to Zero G's InstallAnywhere product line of installer authoring software, which includes the original InstallAnywhere, now in version 6, according to the company.

InstallAnywhere.NET features the ability to analyze installation logs and troubleshoot problems during MSI package authoring with early validation and problem-detection systems that alert users to problems before they deploy. Other features include pure Windows Installer technology; a customizable, extensible build environment; real-time problem determination and issue resolution; and built-in localization.

InstallAnywhere.NET is priced at $1,199. Zero G Software, San Francisco, Calif.,


XL2Web is software that converts Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and models into interactive Web apps and Web services without programming.

The product has two components: XL2Web Publisher, an Excel plug-in that lets spreadsheet authors define areas of an Excel file to publish to a server; and XL2Web JEngine, a Java servlet that presents the published model to users in their browsers or makes the model accessible as a SOAP-compatible Web service that can be integrated into any app.

The platform supports multipage Web apps with all Excel functions. Users can access any XL2Web-enabled model from a Web browser without plug-ins or installing Excel.

XL2Web is available under license for large organizations, and in two hosted versions for firms with basic and advanced needs. Hosted pricing starts at $100 per month. 2Web Technologies, New York, N.Y.,

Vasont 9.0
Vasont 9.0 is a content management system that enables organizations to store their multilingual content for delivery to print, PDF, CD-ROM and Web formats.

Version 9.0 includes new XSLT integration that executes XSLT transforms according to a user-defined cue. Advanced XML schema support lets firms integrate disparate pieces of XML content because the system can read an XML schema file, which can be used in conjunction with, or in place of, a DTD. Improved search capabilities enable users to filter and find content within the text of more than 200 different file formats, including word processing, database, presentation, PDF, spreadsheet and graphics files. Vasont Systems, Emigsville, Pa.,

Solid File System 2.0

Solid File System 2.0 is a cross-platform, single-file virtual file system for storing data securely.

The product is an implementation of a file system that uses single file on the media for storing the data. It can be used to preserve the integrity of application data, save related data in single storage, store meta data and keep different revisions of the same information. Solid File System supports journaling, multiple streams per file, per-file compression, per-file and whole storage encryption, and defragmentation. EldoS, Kiev, Ukraine,

Advanced Matcher Transform

Advanced Matcher Transform provides user-defined matching and consolidation functionality as a module of Group 1’s Data Flow data integration and analysis technology.

The product can accommodate high-volume data transfer, rapid query-based extracts, analysis and reporting. It features flexible business rules that define matches using a variety of selectable algorithms. Users can match on any field, including common variables such as e-mail addresses, names or postal addresses. Leveraging Data Flow’s advanced architecture, Advanced Matcher Transform is able to compare records simultaneously across multiple, heterogeneous data sources. The ability to determine relationships among records, plus Data Flow’s ability to assign and manage persistent identifiers, permits users to develop a single, accurate customer view. Group 1 Software, Lanham, Md.,

Entegra for Sybase

Adaptive Server Enterprise databases Sybase and Lumigent Technologies are partnering to offer Entegra for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise databases.

Entegra helps firms to maintain the integrity of their data, reduce the risk of unauthorized changes and access to data, and meet compliance regulations. Organizations that use Sybase ASE databases to store data will be able to ensure end-to-end integrity of financial transactions, detect and analyze breaches in user and application behavior, and monitor database activity of privileged users that occur outside of application controls and security measures. Sybase, Dublin, Calif., Lumigent Technologies, Acton, Mass.,

WebQL Version 2.3

WebQL Version 2.3 enables users to extract complex, unstructured data from the Web and other unstructured data sources.

A major enhancement in Version 2.3 is its improved .pdf extraction function, which includes accurate recognition of lines, word boundaries and general character proximity; automatic detection and removal of columns and line endings that produce text in human-readable order; precise document structure analysis that converts most documents to spreadsheet and database formats; and automated recognition of non-textual elements such as form checkboxes. QL2 Software, Seattle, Wash.,

WebWare ActiveMedia 5.5

WebWare ActiveMedia 5.5 is the latest version of Insci’s Web services-managed digital asset management software.

A new ActiveSecurity feature provides a meta data-driven security model for enabling on-demand access to assets by a global constituency. By updating a meta data field, administrators can define who has access to an asset. Security management and rapid workflow capabilities are enhanced with single sign-on. In addition, a Task Filter enables dynamic distribution of assets to pre-defined user workspaces. This feature facilitates collaboration and automated workflow by presenting users with only those assets required for their project role or stage in the review and approval process. Insci, Westborough, Mass.,

Sarvega XML Context Router

The Sarvega XML Context Router makes possible loosely coupled, multipoint XML Web services across wide-area networks. The firm says it is the first XML appliance to route XML content at wirespeed based on deep content inspection. It also supports publish-subscribe models, while providing secure and reliable delivery guarantees.

To simplify configuration, deployment and management of XML Context Router networks, Sarvega’s Context Console features configure once, deploy anywhere for the router and for all Sarvega XML appliances. With a wizards-based interface, the Context Console centralizes the task of configuration, deployment and management of large-scale, distributed deployments of Sarvega Context Routers. Sarvega, Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.,

StrikeIron Web Services Business Network

StrikeIron Web Services Business Network is an online Web services network with an integrated set of services and graphical tools for working with, and publishing, Web services.

Users start by searching the Web services business directory. They can find additional descriptive information in the integrated Web Services knowledge base. The product’s integrated analyzer graphically displays how the Web service is designed, how the operations can be accessed, what inputs are required and then shows the results in a tabular format. Users can also graphically view the performance history of a Web service and set up additional monitoring and alerts.

Standard services are free and include searching the business directory and use of the online analyzer, knowledge base and performance graphing. Pricing is by subscription for premium Web services, monitoring, private directories, hosting and premium products. StrikeIron, Research Triangle Park, N.C.,

Digital Harbor’s PiiE platform

Digital Harbor’s PiiE platform fills gaps in today’s enterprise software stack with EII, ontology and smart-client technologies that are said to enable business analysts to fuse information from multiple sources and allow business users to consume the resulting apps seamlessly in a live interface.

The company addresses the problems in cross-functional apps like cross-selling, compliance, logistics, exception analysis, incident response and business activity monitoring. This approach extends the computational infrastructure provided by J2EE and SOAs with an information architecture that captures information relationships across systems. With PiiE, users can also navigate these relationships dynamically to discover associations among data in different systems. Digital Harbor, Reston, Va.,

velOSity microkernel and Integrity RTOS Version 5.0

Green Hills Software introduces Version 5.0 of its velOSity microkernel and Integrity RTOS.

The product’s major enhancements include an automotive platform with a new fast boost option that provides embedded devices with an instant-on capability, and the extension of the EventAnalyzer system visualization tool to provide a synchronized multiprocessor view. A new dynamic loader allows multiple, independent programs to be loaded and run on non-MMU systems without requiring symbolic information stored on the target, reducing memory use. For new customers, development licenses for the royalty-free velOSity microkernel start at $9,500, while development licenses for the royalty-free Integrity RTOS start at $15,000. Green Hills Software, Santa Barbara, Calif.,

BizZyme’s SOA turnkey solutions

BizZyme’s SOA turnkey solutions let users create graphical designs of business process logic that can automatically translate into Web services with process persistence support.

Features include a compact BPEL implementation; XGrotto, an enhanced registry for Web services that runs under the Tomcat/ Apache platform; and NetZyme, a platform-independent, scalable, enterprise-grade integration middleware that supports C/C++ connectivity and enables pervasive computing with mobile wireless Internet devices. Creative Science Systems, San Jose, Calif., OGIS-RI, Osaka, Japan,

Integration of Logidex for .NET with Serena Dimensions for .NET

LogicLibrary and Serena Software announce the integration of Logidex for .NET with Serena Dimensions for .NET. Customers using the joint solution benefit from improved Microsoft .NET Framework-based app development, reduced IT costs, and increased productivity and improved management capabilities, to meet regulatory and audit requirements, the company claims.

Using Logidex and Dimensions in tandem, organizations can combine app life-cycle management with graphical, intuitive mapping and discovery of enterprise development environments. In addition, developers are able to develop, change and manage apps without leaving Visual Studio .NET. LogicLibrary, Pittsburgh, Pa., Serena Software, San Mateo, Calif.,

Slim Suite 6.0

Slim Suite 6.0 is a software life-cycle management solution that manages internal and outsourced app development.

The suite includes five elements -- Slim-Control, Slim-Estimate, Slim DataManager, Slim-Metrics and Slim-Master Plan -- that can be used individually or in a suite. All of the elements are compatible with Microsoft’s Access open architecture, and seamlessly interface to any ODBC-compliant tool. These elements can also export to and import from the latest version of Microsoft Project, including multilevel Work Breakdown Structure files. In addition, an improved API facilitates the importing of statistics and other information from leading independent tool suites, such as those provided by IBM Rational and Telelogic.

The full Slim Suite is priced at $33,500 per year for a single workstation installation. Individual modules are available for $12,000, with site license pricing starting at $45,500. QSM, McLean, Va.,

I-Logix and Green Hills extended integration

I-Logix and Green Hills Software have announced an extension to the integration between I-Logix’s Rhapsody Model-Driven Development environment and Green Hills Software’s Integrity RTOS and Multi IDE. The enhanced integration is said to support and accelerate the application development life cycle -- from system analysis and specification to real-time software design, implementation and testing -- with all the tools integrated from end to end.

Using models based on UML 2.0 to capture and validate an embedded app design, Rhapsody can now automatically generate optimized code for the Green Hills C/C++ and Ada compilers. Once compiled, code can be dynamically downloaded and run on Integrity or Integrity 178B RTOSes using Multi and AdaMulti IDEs. During debugging, the Multi source-level debugger is synchronized with the Rhapsody UML models.

Development licenses for Integrity and Integrity-178B start at $15,000. Multi or AdaMulti debugger integration for Rhapsody starts at $1,900. I-Logix, Andover, Mass., Green Hills Software, Santa Barbara, Calif.,

NitroX 1 for Struts

NitroX 1 for Struts is a Web development and debugging tool for JSP and Struts users in an Eclipse environment.

The product includes patent-pending AppXRay technology that intelligently maps and tracks all application layers and interrelationships among them. Additional features include a real-time source and visual JSP Editor, Struts editor, consistency checker, and a JSP and Struts debugger.

The product’s price is $499, which includes a one-year subscription for product updates, bug fixes and major version updates released during the subscription term. M7, Cupertino, Calif.,

Revolution 2.2 for Linux Runtime

Revolution announces Revolution 2.2 for Linux and most major Unix platforms. The product is a development tool for users of all abilities.

With Revolution, users can write software for Linux, Unix, Macintosh and Windows. Product enhancements include a new standalone application builder, improvements to the database linked controls, additions to the Transcript programming language, and enhanced performance and stability for the engine and development environment.

Revolution Express is $149, Revolution Studio is $299, and Revolution Enterprise is $899. Runtime Revolution, Edinburgh, Scotland,

Sourcecode to Flowchart

Fatesoft has updated its Sourcecode to Flowchart product with the ability to export directly to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as support for T-SQL and PL/SQL.

The flowchart generator makes it easier to perform automated reverse-engineering of program code into flowcharts, its publisher claims. Sourcecode to Flowchart automatically creates a flowchart for a method by analyzing existing code, and can then export the diagram as a BMP image. Flow diagrams can also be exported to Microsoft Visio, Word, Excel and PowerPoint for project documentation.

An evaluation copy is available for free download. A single-user license is $89.98. Fatesoft,

Visual Comparer 1.3
Visual Comparer 1.3 includes a text editor that supports ANSI and Unicode files and syntax highlighting for most popular programming languages, including C++, C#, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Basic, VBScript and Pascal.

The text file visual comparison software allows end users to see the differences between two text files in a split-screen view. The tool represents the differences between two text files in a graphical pane, with color lines representing new fragments of text, changed text and lines of text that were left intact. The product also supports plug-in architecture, which lets users expand the program functionality by adding new syntax highlighting patterns. Nikeware,


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