Resources for SOA

Check out these links for additional information on SOA.

Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures: The Savvy Manager's Guide, by Doug Barry (Morgan Kaufman, 2003)

Service-Oriented Architecture: A Field Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services, by Thomas Erl (FTPOnline, March 30, 2004)

ZapThink white papers, "Seven Fallacies of SOA" and "Getting Ready for the Web Services Tipping Point" (free after registration)

"Connected Systems and Service Orientation," by Dave Mendlen (FTPOnline, September 13, 2004)

SOA and related definitions


"Understanding Service-Oriented Architecture," by David Sprott and Lawrence Wilkes (MSDN, January 2004)

"What is Service-Oriented Architecture?" by Hao He (, September 30, 2003)

"Interoperability Through Service-Oriented Architectures," by Roger Sessions (ObjectWatch White Papers, July 30, 2004)

"Ohio State University Medical Center: Service-Oriented Architecture Drives Improved Operational Efficiency and Quality of Data" (, May 24, 2004)

Indigo home page

"Service Orientation and Its Role in Your Connected Systems Strategy" (MSDN, July 2004)

"Developing Service-Oriented Architectures," by Brian Travis (MSDN, November 2003)

"Service-Oriented Architecture: Implementation Challenges," by Easwaran G. Nadhan (MSDN, April 2004)

"Metropolis: Envisioning the Service-Oriented Enterprise," by Pat Helland (MSDN video)

"Information & Application Architecture for the Service-Oriented Enterprise," by Pat Helland and Dave Campbell (MSDN video)

"Solution Architecture for the Service-Oriented Enterprise," by Keith Short (MSDN video)

"Overview of the Visual Studio "Whidbey" Service-Oriented Application Designer" (MSDN, October 2003)

"A Guide to Developing and Running Connected Systems with Indigo," by Don Box (MSDN, January 2004)

"Writing Asynchronous, Bidirectional, Stateful, Reliable Web Services with Indigo," Karsten Januszewski (MSDN, March 2004)

"Distributed Applications Using Indigo Services" (MSDN)

"Understanding Indigo Service Applications" (MSDN)

The .NET Show: "Longhorn Indigo" (MSDN, February 27, 2004)

Indigo FAQ on MSDN

"The Road to Indigo Technology Roadmap" (MSDN video)

Newsgroup for Longhorn Indigo Web services topics

Newsgroup for Longhorn Indigo SDK topics

Newsgroup for Longhorn collaboration development topics

Newsgroup for Longhorn developer announcements

Web Service Blogs on MSDN

Web Services Developer Center

Web Services Enhancements

Expert Service-Oriented Architecture In C#: Using the Web Services Enhancements 2.0, by Jeffrey Hasan (Apress, 2004)

"Jorgen Thelin and Rebecca Dias Share Microsoft's Vision About Web Services" (, August 1, 2004)

"Advanced Web Services the Wizzy Way with WSE," by Alan Zeichick (DevX, July 28, 2004)

Web Services Interoperability and Integration home page on MSDN

"FoodMovers: Building Distributed Applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET," by Brian Travis (MSDN, November 2003)

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