Product Briefs

Strobe 3.1 and iStrobe 2.0
Compuware has released updates to the Compuware Strobe 3.1 and Compuware iStrobe 2.0 enterprise performance management apps. The updates enable IT to locate and eliminate inefficiencies in complex application environments, the company says.

Strobe 3.1 supports DB2 V8 in function and compatibility modes to help IT maintain app performance while it migrates to DB2 V8, or as it develops and deploys V8 apps. The product helps users to fix performance problems in apps using DB2. Version 3.1 supports WebSphere Application Server and provides information about how Java and WebSphere apps interact with CICS, DB2 and other z/OS facilities.

New in iStrobe 2.0 is a Web server architecture that runs on mainframes and Web servers. iStrobe 2.0 improves profile management, and has improved Java support and report sorting, the company says. The product also integrates with Compuware Application Reliability Solution and Compuware VantageView 9. Pricing for Compuware Strobe starts at $32,000.
Detroit, Mich.,

BR Studio Developer Edition
Ilog introduces Business Rule Studio Developer Edition for Java software developers. It’s built on the Eclipse IDE and based on Ilog JRules, a component of Ilog’s Business Rule Management System product line. BR Studio lets software developers develop business rule technology using Eclipse. The product’s integration with Eclipse reduces the learning curve and development time associated with implementing business rule technologies because developers are probably already familiar with the Eclipse tools and IDE, the company claims.

BR Studio provides business rule authoring, testing and debugging, and helps developers to evaluate business rule technology for Java/J2EE apps, Ilog says. A new project type in Eclipse called Rule Project lets developers manage business rules like Java code. BR Studio also includes an embedded rule engine for rapid prototyping and rule execution, and tools that debug across Java code and business rules, thereby simplifying testing and quality assurance for rule-based apps, Ilog says.

Ilog Business Rule Studio Developer Edition is available for download at no charge; it requires Eclipse 2.1 or WebSphere Application Developer 5.1.
Mountain View, Calif.,

Sybase Dynamic Archive
Sybase introduces Sybase Dynamic Archive (SDA), an online database archiving solution. Developed in partnership with OuterBay Technologies, the product helps users to automatically offload inactive transaction data from production databases. The benefits are faster maintenance, lower storage costs and improved app performance while maintaining online access to both production and archived data, Sybase claims. SDA enables users to manage large volumes of data and to store information cost-effectively and reliably without losing database efficiency.

Sybase says SDA helps organizations to complete maintenance operations quickly and to comply with service-level agreements. It also improves the performance of production database apps by regularly removing inactive data, the company adds.

Sybase Dynamic Archive currently supports archiving from the Adaptive Server Enterprise database platform. Pricing depends on customer environment and archiving requirements.
Dublin, Calif.,

OSE Epsilon Real-Time kernel and development suite
The OSE Epsilon Real-Time kernel and development suite for the Renesas SH-2 DSP family of embedded processors enables the development of DSP and microcontroller-based apps with compact app code and high performance.

The product includes OSE Illuminator, an RTOS-aware system analysis and profiling tool enabling programmers to monitor, control and collect data for applications viewed as a sequence of events. OSE Epsilon is also available with an OSE Soft Kernel simulator that lets designers develop their apps on a Windows or Solaris host system without the physical presence of the target hardware. The OSE Epsilon Kernel also offers network support, including TCP/IP, a Web server and Internet utilities. A single developer’s license is $8,000.
Enea Embedded Technology
Taby, Sweden

Map Suite
Spatially Aware’s Map Suite allows developers to add mapping to their applications using any .NET-compatible language. The company says the product allows non-GIS developers to build mapping apps in just days.

To help developers new to GIS get started, Map Suite comes with more than 30 sample applications complete with source code. Map Suite comes in three editions: Map Suite Winforms Edition to develop desktop apps supporting rich user interfaces; Map Suite Webforms Edition for the development of ASP.NET Internet-based mapping apps; and Map Suite Map Engine Edition for use in non-user interface apps such as Windows services and Web services. The registered version of each edition is $3,995.
Spatially Aware
Lawrence, Kansas.

Toad for Oracle Version 8.0
Toad for Oracle Version 8.0 is a database development product that analyzes Oracle PL/SQL, and advises users on how that code can be optimized using the CodeXpert component.

Productivity and code quality-enhancing features include CodeXpert, which analyzes stored procedures against a set of rules to maximize efficiency, correctness, maintainability, readability and program structure; integrated SQL tuning; a SQL execution engine that includes tools for all roles that work on the database; and an enhanced user interface. Pricing starts at $870 per seat.
Quest Software
Irvine, Calif.

AQtime Version 4.0
AQtime Version 4.0 is a performance profiler and memory/resource debugger that allows developers to find and diagnose performance bottlenecks and memory problems within their applications.

Version 4.0 combines AQtime for Win32 and AQtime .NET Edition into one product, enabling developers to profile their managed (.NET), unmanaged (native/Win32) or mixed-code projects using only one tool. AQtime can be run as either a standalone app or integrated within the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE. Other features include an allocation profiler that collects information about memory leaks; as well as profilers for coverage, exception trace, static analysis and platform compliance. New licenses of AQtime 4.0 are $599.99.
Las Vegas, Nev.

Parasoft Jtest 5.1
Parasoft Jtest 5.1 is a unit testing and coding standards analysis product that automatically generates and runs JUnit tests, plus enforces standards for code written in Java.

Enhancements to Version 5.1 help teams to identify and correct coding problems. New project-creation features help users to start testing with Jtest from any development environment. And with the click of a button, users can automatically correct violations of more than 200 coding standard rules using the
Jtest Quick Fix feature.
Monrovia, Calif.

Intersperse Manager Version 2.3
Intersperse Manager Version 2.3 targets the management needs of next-generation J2EE and SOA-based applications. With Version 2.3, system architects and operational personnel can use the latest in non-invasive management standards, such as JMX, to manage applications deployed on BEA WebLogic Platform.

Intersperse Manager is a distributed, production-management solution that provides system visibility and real-time control over an enterprise’s distributed or SOA environments. By managing and monitoring up and down the application stack and across integrated business apps, Intersperse Manager delivers increased system performance and availability, the company says.
Pasadena, Calif.

Wintouch for WebSphere
Wintouch for WebSphere is a portlet application for IBM WebSphere Portal Server.

Field sales reps have access to iSeries data, an enterprise-wide view of every customer, as well as the ability to enter orders, check credit card status and track shipping from the field, according to Touchtone. The launch includes portlets designed to summarize accounts and contacts, search, and manage tasks and other activities.
Costa Mesa, Calif.

ESP Espresso on Linux
Cybermation is making its ESP Espresso distributed job-scheduling solution available on Linux.

The new ESP Agent for Linux optimizes ESP Espresso’s ability to integrate and manage job processes for the Linux platform. It also supports J2EE and JavaScript, and allows EJBs to be executed as part of the normal job schedule. In addition, it automates jobs by subscribing to JMS queues so that when a job completes, ESP Espresso publishes a JMS job message and triggers additional automation across the enterprise.
Markham, Ontario

SolutionArchitect, from Zero G Software, is a software installation and configuration solution for building ready-to-deploy software packages using Solution Installation, a new deployment spec submitted as a proposed standard to the W3C.

The product produces self-configuring and self-healing software packages and can combine these components into customized solutions that can be deployed using Zero G’s InstallAnywhere solution. Zero G Software
San Francisco, Calif.

nLayers InSight
nLayers InSight is an agentless appliance that plugs into an IT architecture and automatically uncovers ways to optimize applications to reduce IT costs and mitigate the risks involved in making changes to the production environment, according to its maker.

Once installed, nLayers InSight identifies the relationships between infrastructure components, applications and services. It then implements a patent-pending technology to create a detailed, time-based Applications Behavior Model (ABM) that illustrates how and when the components interact with each other and the transactions processed at each interaction. The product continuously monitors the ABM for demand, utilization and behavior changes, and provides policy-based notifications, alerts and recommendations to suggest ways IT can optimize the IT environment. These alerts are logged and accessible through a troubleshooting dashboard.
San Jose, Calif.,

iRise Application Simulator 3.1
iRise Application Simulator 3.1 is a software visualization platform consisting of Application Portfolio Management and Application Definition. The product is said to enable business users with large organizations to realize faster and easier requirements validation cycles, as well as to visually validate and test market applications with customers, business partners and employees prior to development.

Non-technical business analysts can work in a drag-and-drop, visual design studio to sketch application page flow, create page mockups without knowing HTML and add realistic sample data. Simulations can be made interactive in minutes by drawing lines between basic building block components and page elements on the visual canvas.
El Segundo, Calif.

WelcomPortfolio is a project portfolio analysis tool that provides a structured approach to evaluating, selecting and prioritizing projects across the enterprise.

The product’s configurable workbooks act as a central repository for key project and portfolio information. User-defined scoring capabilities let users develop and apply the most appropriate criteria for the portfolio type, and give them the ability to link scoring criteria to internal and external project metrics. Pricing starts at $15,000 for five named users.
Houston, Texas


Pervasive Data Migrator Embedded
Pervasive Data Integrator Embedded and Pervasive Business Integrator Embedded Pervasive Software has debuted Pervasive Data Migrator Embedded, Pervasive Data Integrator Embedded and Pervasive Business Integrator Embedded.

Pervasive Data Migrator Embedded smooths the transfer of data from legacy systems. Pervasive Data Integrator Embedded unites disparate data sources that existed as disconnected silos and connects them within a firm’s infrastructure. Pervasive Business Integrator Embedded enables user to integrate multiple apps within the organization and with trading partners.
Pervasive Software
Austin, Texas

Monarch Data Pump Version 7
Monarch Data Pump Version 7 (MDP7) combines the data conversion capabilities of an ETL tool with enterprise information delivery capabilities.

MDP7 mines and transforms data within reports, alone or in combination with data from other sources. End users can set up schedules to create customized data views. These views can then be uploaded to databases such as SQL Server, and saved as Excel spreadsheets and templates, Access files and so on. Reports and files can be delivered via RSS, news feeds, e-mail and to a file folder.

The product is priced at $7,995 per server (up to two CPUs; a MDP7 license for each additional two CPUs per server is available for $1,995).
Lowell, Mass.


Cape Clear 5
Cape Clear 5 simplifies applications and data integration using SOAs and Web services.

Version 5 introduces multiprotocol routing and messaging, data integration tools, support for building and scripting SOA and Web services, advanced enterprise management and BPEL-based composition and routing. V5 includes Cape Clear Studio, Cape Clear Server, Cape Clear Data Interchange and Cape Clear Manager. Pricing for Cape Clear 5 starts at $20,000 per server.
Cape Clear Software
Waltham, Mass.


Crystal Enterprise Live Office
Crystal Enterprise Live Office allows Microsoft Office users to embed live reports and report components in the 2000, 2002 and 2003 versions of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Using the product, users can use a wizard and navigation bar within Microsoft Office to connect to views of the data or to data fields in Crystal reports. They can also embed reusable report components such as tables, charts and graphics in their documents by selecting and inserting parts of reports using an integrated report viewer.
Business Objects
Paris, France


WebFocus Express
WebFocus Express is a pared-down installation of WebFocus designed for VARs. The product’s components run on a Windows machine using default settings, so VARs considering creating and distributing Web-based systems can do so cost-effectively.

The Web-ready data access and reporting system connects users to data. WebFocus accesses and processes information in any format, on any platform, and presents the information to users through a Web browser or in outputs such as HTML, PDF and Microsoft Excel. Components include Developer Studio, WebFocus Client and WebFocus Reporting Server.
Information Builders
New York, N.Y.


Database Web Explorer
Database Web Explorer is a database management tool that can be used to make any database Web-capable via the Internet or an intranet, the company says. The application does not require COM or ActiveX components or DLLs on either the server or the client side. In addition, the program supports multi-user mode, making it an ideal solution for remote database management, according to MonocerosSoft, the product’s maker.

Database Web Explorer is ASP-based and connects to databases through ODBC drivers and OLE DB providers. The program is distributed as HTML and JavaScript source code, and can be configured within minutes, Mono-cerosSoft says. Database Web Explorer is priced at $39.

Acuity 2.1
Acuity 2.1 is a content intelligence software product that includes advances in universal search, text mining and Microsoft Office integration tools.

Version 2.1 lets users find and mine business events from any source material. Using Natural Language Processing and computational linguistic techniques, the product finds and catalogs sets of actions or movements by suppliers, customers, government regulators and the like. The product provides summarization, clipping of text, images and graphics, as well as analytical charts and graphs of business events.
Acuity Software
Mountain View, Calif.

microOLAP Database Designer for MySQL
microOLAP Database Designer for MySQL is a visual development system intended for database design, modeling, creation, modification and reverse-engineering.

It is specially developed for the MySQL database and allows users to develop a database by working with graphical representations of tables, columns, relations and other database objects. Users can also get a Physical Entity Relationship model (ER model) that they can export in a SQL script or build one on a MySQL database server. After modifying a database model/diagram, users can synchronize it with an existing MySQL database.
microOLAP Technologies
Trenton, N.J.




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