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As the new editor-in-chief of ADT, I’ve been asked many times already about our plans for the magazine. We have a long list of potential improvements we’re mulling over, but in the short term, ADT’s readers will get expanded coverage and a greater variety of articles in our print and Web editions.

Application developers have always aspired to create and deliver quality software quickly and efficiently. However, that’s no longer enough. The business of software is more demanding and more complex than ever before. IT executives who oversee the applications their enterprises implement must be more responsive. They must cope with having to do more with less. They must do their work faster and more productively; and they must do it on a broader scale. With many enterprises moving their development work offshore, senior software decision-makers must continuously justify their existence and provide visibility into everything they do.

The business mission that drives the need to develop and deploy applications and the value an organization derives from them are as important (many would say, more important) to our readers as the tools used to develop them.

We’ll run a wider variety of stories that look closely at the business side of how enterprises deploy and manage their apps. We’ll bring you more content about the ROI and TCO of application development and implementation, case studies, “thinkpieces” written by the industry’s top experts and sharply focused stories that examine best practices. Most important, we’ll deliver actionable content -- the information you need to cope in the rapidly changing world of applications development, deployment, integration and management.

That’s the big idea, any way. Let us know how we’re doing from time to time. Whether it’s because an article has been useful to you or whether it’s because we missed the point, we would like to hear from you. It’s the only way we’re ever going to know if we’re taking care of our business as well as you’re taking care of yours.

About the Author

Michael Alexander is editor-in-chief of Application Development Trends.

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