Does my process need a face-lift?

Does your organization’s process need an overhaul? Answer the following questions to find out.

1) Does everyone use it? [ ] Yes [ ] No

2) Does it expect requirements to change, even during coding? [ ] Yes [ ] No

3) Does it use iterative development? [ ] Yes [ ] No

4) Do testing activities start early in the life cycle? [ ] Yes [ ] No

5) Does each iteration have goals and success criteria? [ ] Yes [ ] No

6) Are changes to requirements and software managed actively? [ ] Yes [ ] No

7) Are plans made and revisited throughout development? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Now tally all questions with a “Yes” answer and match your score to the numbers below:

If you scored 5-7: Your process is in fair* shape.

[* While a score of 7 means that you have a process in place, it does not imply that your process is being implemented correctly.]

If you scored 3-4: Your process could use surgery.

If you scored 0-2: Your process needs an extreme makeover.

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About the Author

Buff Colchagoff is research director in the office of technology at consulting firm Number Six Software.


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