Advice to .NET newbies

Luther Stanton is a principal consultant at Intellinet, an Atlanta-based Microsoft reseller that implements .NET in customer shops. He’s been working with .NET since December 2000, and has helped customers scale applications to 4,000 users working in seven states.

“These are large apps that have a whole new set of challenges,” Stanton says. “Almost anyone can develop an app with .NET,” but it can be deceptively simple. “It’s easy to build an app that’s maybe not the best-performing [one]. Microsoft makes things easy to do, but if you don’t understand the concepts behind it, you can get yourself into trouble,” he notes.

For instance, it’s easy to go to a database, pull a table, drag and drop it into an app, form a data set around it and then put it into a group on a Web page. “It’s great for display, but if I have 10,000 users trying to hit the data all at once, you can have some problems,” Stanton says.

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