Briefing: QAnywhere

included with SQL Anywhere Studio
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There was a time when all we had on PocketPC and Palm devices were rudimentary form designers and databases, and we liked it. (We also walked uphill to school through the snow, both ways, but that's another story). In the last few years, though, an increasing amount of enterprise software has been ported or connected to these mobile platforms. Now iAnywhere has taken another big step with the release of QAnywhere.

QAnywhere, quite simply, brings message queueing to the little boxes. It's compatible with any messaging system that supports the Java Message Service (JMS) - which is most of them, because you can find vendors to glue just about any messaging system to any other. This means you can get reliable, ordered delivery of messages to and from applications running on the mobile platform, regardless of connectivity issues.

When you're sending messages from the device, QAnywhere keeps working even when the device is disconnected. It implements a mini-queue layer that keeps running even when the application is turned off, so messages are delivered when the device reconnects to the network. At this time incoming messages will be picked up too. You can fine-tune this behavior by implementing transmission rules to prioritize some classes of messages over others.

Other features of QAnywhere include encryption, a public API, and push notification of messages that are waiting to be delivered. The whole is integrated into iAnywhere's SQL Anywhere Studio 9.0.1. As always, iAnywhere's licensing works on the principal of giving you the tools for free and working out a charge if you distribute the software.



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