Product Briefs

By ADT Staff

WindowBuilder Instantiations Inc. is shipping WindowBuilder , a line of GUI construction tools for Java. The new Java-based development suite supports both the Eclipse-based standard widget toolkit (SWT) and Sun’s Swing component technology.

WindowBuilder products install into Eclipse-based IDEs, including IBM WebSphere Studio, and provide an easy-to-use Java GUI construction environment. The product line, which includes SWT Designer, Swing Designer and the full WindowBuilder Pro suite, allows developers to create Java user interfaces with either SWT or Swing technology. The visual designer in WindowBuilder is said to enable complex user interfaces to be created quickly and eliminate hand-coding.

The product automatically generates high-quality Java code in several styles and can read code generated by most popular Java GUI builders. Java GUIs created with WindowBuilder can be executed and tested within the design environment.

Pricing for WindowBuilder Pro is $299 per developer, while SWT Designer and Swing Designer are each priced at $199 per developer.
Instantiations Inc.,
Portland, Ore.,


WebLoad for DDoS
WebLoad for DDoS is software that tests the resistance and resiliency of a Web application under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

The product is said to provide a comprehensive and real-world view of a Web application’s response to an attack through the use of actual attack tools and known code. The software simulates real-world traffic under attack and collects application performance and response metrics to ensure that Web applications can withstand a DDoS attack.

The DDoS tests are managed through TestView, the company’s new integrated Web testing suite. TestView integrates functional testing, load/scalability testing and test management in a single user interface.

Pricing for RadView’s WebLoad DDoS is dependent on configuration.
RadView Software Ltd.,
Burlington, Mass.,


SilkCentral Performance Manager
SilkCentral Test Manager Segue Software has launched SilkCentral Performance Manager, which monitors software applications from the end-user perspective, and SilkCentral Test Manager, which manages and maintains software quality from initial requirements to application deployment.

Performance Manager introduces a Business Integration Layer, correlated reports, enhanced health drill-down capabilities, health trend indicators, and support for both Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server and Oracle Forms environments. The Business Integration Layer allows access to monitoring results through standard APIs, thus providing users with the ability to utilize monitoring metrics in centralized network systems, enterprise-wide network management systems or corporate dashboards.

SilkCentral Test Manager is said to provide a high level of visibility into the entire software process. Users can access Web-based result reports anywhere, anytime, and a central repository houses all test assets. A workflow process facilitates information flow between QA and development.

Pricing for SilkCentral Performance Manager starts at $22,500 plus maintenance, while pricing for SilkCentral Test Manager starts at $4,500 plus maintenance.
Segue Software Inc.,
Lexington, Mass.,


Bowstreet Framework Factory
Bowstreet Framework Factory is an extensible software automation system that enables software vendors to create, customize and maintain highly tailored software apps.

With the product, ISVs can capture and automate the generation of customized apps, rather than manually create each customer iteration. Key features include: 100 out-of-the-box Builders that leverage data from Domino, SAP, databases and Web services; and extensibility to any Java domain, including Struts, JSF and proprietary frameworks.

Pricing for Bowstreet Framework Factory is $5,000 per named user, $20,000 per CPU.
Tewksbury, Mass.,


Flywheel Version 7.2
Flywheel Version 7.2 is an agile, process-agnostic tool for visualizing, designing and refactoring Microsoft C# .NET and Visual Basic .NET source code.

New features include enhanced visualization and analysis of multi-project, multi-language solutions; advanced visual refactoring tools that are said to make agile development easier; and improved loading, parsing and graphics performance on large, multi-project solutions. Users can now refactor a member in a Visual C# .NET or Visual Basic .NET project and have all of the usages of the member updated in every referencing Visual C# .NET or Visual Basic .NET project open in the current solution.
Velocitis Inc.,
Mason, Texas,


Version 5 Release 13 of Dassault Systemes’ and IBM’s PLM portfolio
Dassault Systemes and IBM have announced Version 5 Release 13 (V5R13) of their product life-cycle management (PLM) portfolio comprising Catia for collaborative product development, and Enovia and Smarteam for product data and life-cycle management, collaboration and decision support.

The new release is said to extend engineering practices to include relational design, which allows users to better manage design modifications, including impact on functional specs, analysis and manufacturing constraints. This practice results in higher quality designs the first time, fewer engineering changes later in the design cycle and more opportunity for innovation.
Dassault Systemes,
Paris, France,
IBM Corp.,
White Plains, N.Y.,


PilotWorks 2004 Spring
PilotWorks 2004 Spring is an integrated yet modular operational alignment framework that includes an interactive strategy plan, initiative management, scorecard and dashboard, report and ad hoc, as well as modeling and integration components.

The product was developed for sales, service and marketing groups where the gap between strategy and execution tends to be more pronounced due to geographically dispersed teams and the prevalence of outsourcing.

Pricing starts at around $50,000 for a complete solution and scales based on the scope of deployment
Pilot Software,
Cambridge, Mass.,


ConsoleWorks Version 2.0
ConsoleWorks Version 2.0 can automatically execute operator-specified actions as soon as it detects a pre-defined condition on a monitored device. In addition, ConsoleWorks can use existing notification apps to phone, page or e-mail appropriate personnel to provide them with information as it happens.

New features include a Software Performance Report feature that automatically captures important systems data, a CONWRKS-STARTUP event that enables ConsoleWorks to begin performing Action routines as early as possible in its start-up processes, and a report wizard that allows users to customize reports. In addition, a pseudo-console on-demand enables users to establish a connection to a device by running a command that starts on connection and stops on disconnection.
TECSys Development LP,
Plano, Texas,


VPLS test suite
Ixia has a announced a new virtual private LAN services (VPLS) test suite that is said to simplify the setup and administration of VPLS testing for service providers and network equipment manufacturers.

Ixia’s VPLS test suite provides an automated environment that both service providers and network equipment manufacturers can use to stress and validate VPLS devices and systems. It can also determine the data-forwarding performance and control plane scalability of routers in VPLS networks, automating the complex setup of multiple protocols and data traffic required to test these systems. Also included are tests that analyze the Ethernet address capacity and learning rate of the router to determine system scalability.
Calabasas, Calif.,


Orion Network Performance Monitor Version 7
The Orion Network Performance Monitor Version 7 includes support for Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000, as well as new network devices, including Foundry, Nortel Accelar and others.

Version 7 of the network management software includes a new alerting engine that sends SNMP Traps and produces Syslog messages. It will play a sound as well as offer voice output using text to speech. Users can execute external programs and scripts, as well as e-mail a Web page. The product also has integration with Windows Accounts, Active Directory and others so that users have direct access to Orion Server without having to log in. Finally, a Custom Property Editor now allows user data such as serial number, asset tag, account information and any other information to be associated in the database with network devices.
SolarWinds.Net Inc.,
Tulsa, Okla.,


FlashPack for Outsourcing
Flashline has announced the availability of FlashPack for Outsourcing, which extends the Flashline Registry to provide organizations with a way to govern asset use and production with outsourcing partners.

FlashPack for Outsourcing provides an asset-centric view of outsourced development from RFP to delivered projects. By identifying existing assets and comparing them against bids, organizations can avoid paying for duplicate development often buried in Statements of Work (SOW). Once the SOW has been negotiated and work proceeds, companies use the Registry to validate compliance with the SOW. During the engagement, Flashline provides centralized asset management allowing internal and external teams to manage and share assets and to collaborate on development.

The FlashPack for Outsourcing can be added to new and existing implementations of Flashline Registry 4.
Flashline Inc.,
Cleveland, Ohio,


WebRider is Stampede Technologies’ newest product line for enhancing the enterprise Web application experience.

The product is designed to take full advantage of 64-bit processing speeds with industry standard hardware. WebRider has features that aid an enterprise’s migration to Web-based apps, including intelligent cache validation, image transformation, content-aware streaming and adaptive compression. In addition, WebRider tracks bandwidth and throughput savings so that companies can quantify its value, generating graphical reports that make analysis easier.
Stampede Technologies Inc.,
Dayton, Ohio,


InfoStep has announced the availability of monitoring capability for internal controls in its eLustro-Harmony solution to help companies with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

The product is said to empower internal audit and business managers to monitor the progress of compliance as per pre-defined controls. Stakeholders can identify laggards, pinpoint deficiencies and take corrective actions before the certification process in initiated. The tools provide anytime, anywhere access to management to measure and monitor compliance across business processes within the enterprise. By automating the routine tasks of launching periodic assessment programs, progress reports and escalations, the audit team is said to reap the benefits of efforts spent during the initial compliance phase on an ongoing basis.

Contact InfoStep for more information.
Santa Clara, Calif.,


LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers
LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers is an installer created with Delphi developers in mind.

The product allows users to create installations without doing any programming at all. Advanced users can rely on the Object Pascal Script as well as on the Dialog Editor, Script Editor and LizaJet Installer’s built-in debugger. Users can define their own dialogs using built-in templates and edit them with the Dialog Editor. As with Delphi, users can define properties, event handlers and drop visual components.

LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers is available in four different configurations, including the Free Edition, which costs nothing, and the Standard Edition, which is priced at $499. A Professional Edition and a Complete 8 Edition are also available.
St. Petersburg, Russia, 


Visual CE Evaluation Edition
Syware Inc. has announced a no charge Evaluation Edition of its Visual CE rapid app development software for database and forms development on Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Windows CE devices.

The evaluation edition provides users with the full range of Visual CE’s capabilities for a 30-day period. To retain all work done, users must purchase a Personal, Professional or Enterprise Edition of Visual CE before the evaluation period ends.

Visual CE applications can be created on any Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows CE or Pocket PC handheld, as well as on any Windows-based desktop system. The Evaluation Edition of Visual CE is at
Syware Inc.,
Cambridge, Mass.,


Asna Visual RPG 7.1 for Visual Studio .NET
Asna Visual RPG 7.1 for Visual Studio .NET enables RPG developers to create traditional Windows applications, Web applications and Web services with a .NET-capable RPG.

The product is said to produce verifiable, 100% Microsoft Intermediate Language assemblies with fast and robust connectivity to IBM’s iSeries platform. Other features include method overloading, which allows RPG programmers to create more than one version of a subroutine (or function) varied by the routine’s parameter list; and an interface feature that lets RPG programmers create class definitions for which other classes provide the implementation.
Asna Inc.,
San Antonio, Texas,


Klocwork 6.0
Klocwork 6.0 features major enhancements to inSight, inSpect and inForce that are said to better enable software developers to conduct system-wide, automatic code and architecture analysis of C, C++ and Java code.

An inSight Architecture publishing tool allows developers to publish an architecture report based on the actual implementation, making it easier for them to share information with teams. The inSight Architect Model Comparison Tool creates an actionable roadmap based on “what is” testing. In addition, improved inSpect and inForce reporting has been added, including the ability to focus on a specific task, as well as the ability to create a specific report to communicate development information to a wider audience.

Klocwork 6.0 products are available as a perpetual license or through a monthly subscription option.
Klocwork Inc.,
Ottawa, Ontario,


SilkPerformer 6.5
SilkPerformer 6.5 introduces record and replay support for load-testing apps hosted via Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server farms and apps based on Oracle Forms technology.

To simulate an accurate test of real users accessing Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server, SilkPerformer 6.5 uses the Citrix ICA Simulation Client to generate Citrix traffic. Using a unique script-to-screen synchronization technology, SilkPerformer ensures that recorded user actions can be reliably replayed under all load conditions and not fall out of sync with on-screen events. In addition, Version 6.5 has introduced automated test result correlation capabilities via advanced statistical operations, allowing users to automatically find dependencies between client-side events and server-side measures.

Pricing starts at $30,000.
Segue Software Inc.,
Lexington, Mass., 


ClearOrbit product suite
ClearOrbit has announced its product suite that allows companies to “layer-in” complete RFID capability on top of existing ERP systems, without requiring custom code or the “tear out” of old bar code or ERP software.

The suite’s J2EE architecture is said to offer a complete RFID solution that can be added to any ERP system. The suite -- which comprises ClearOrbit’s Compliance Label Manager, RFID Tracker and Collaborative Print Manager -- leverages the same configurability and scalability used to power bar code, print label compliance and RF/mobile connectivity at manufacturing and distribution facilities across North America, Europe and Asia.
Austin, Texas,


Diamelle e-Business suite Version 2.0
Diamelle Technologies has released Version 2.0 of its e-Business suite of components, which includes Web services-enabled capabilities as well as a large number of new functional enhancements.

The e-Business components provide customers with account and user information, pricing rules and price lists, order management, promotions, invoice, shipping and contracts, and enables them to manage complex catalogs. Version 2.0 also introduces pre-packaged Web applications.
Diamelle Technologies,
Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.,


The GridTalk Appliance for RosettaNet
GridNode Inc. has announced the availability of the GridTalk Appliance for RosettaNet on industry-standard HP ProLiant servers for small- and medium-sized businesses, enabling out-of-the-box, RosettaNet-compliant information exchange with trading partner communities.

The GridTalk Appliance for RosettaNet on HP ProLiant servers is said to provide the software and hardware scalability and reliability to rapidly plug-and-trade in the network of RosettaNet enterprise communities. Through this greater standardization and modularization, the GridTalk Appliance for RosettaNet is said to empower small- and medium-sized businesses to achieve their vision of being Adaptive Enterprises, as they can now more flexibly grow trading partner relationships and increase their process visibility.
GridNode Inc.,
Redwood City, Calif.,


XB/Suite 2004
XB/Suite 2004 is an XML data exchange solution that automates the flow of information from iSeries applications throughout the enterprise. Originally developed by Belgian-based Invenso, and distributed in the U.S. by eCube Systems, XB/ Suite enables companies to connect iSeries-based applications and business logic to desktop, Web-based and external applications, seamlessly.

XB/Suite is a middleware layer comprising two products -- the XB/400 data engine and the modular solution builder. XB/Suite allows an enterprise to create low-cost data exchange applications that can interact with the iSeries regardless of format. With a simple installation and a minimal learning curve, XB/Suite is said to eliminate the time and training necessary to master XML, while still providing full access to all available iSeries application functions.

For more information, please contact eCube.
eCube Systems,
San Antonio, Texas,


FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server, V 2.70
FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server, V 2.70 is now available with Atomikos’ TransactionsJTA v1.30.

FirstSQL/J provides a relational database with SQL92 Intermediate-level compliance. It also provides internal native O/R mapping of unmodified Java classes and methods to provide transparent, serialized object persistence with standard SQL manipulation support.

TransactionsJTA allows users to integrate their apps with one or more databases while guaranteeing correctness even in the case of a crash.
FirstSQL Inc.,
El Cerrito, Calif.,


Polyhedra 5.0
Polyhedra 5.0 is an active RDBMS designed from the ground up to provide a secure, fault-tolerant data repository for embedded systems apps.

The product features a small code footprint and uses a memory-resident design that boosts performance by an order of magnitude relative to conventional disk-based RDBMSs, without sacrificing data security. Polyhedra provides built-in fault-tolerant capabilities such as enhanced failover control and fast reconnection (to the new master) that boost availability. It also employs a heterogeneous client/server architecture that enhances data integrity and code stability.

Pricing for Polyhedra 5.0 starts at $11,995 for a single development seat.
Enea Embedded Technology,
Stockholm, Sweden, 


JSQLConnect 4.0
JNetDirect Inc. has announced the release of JSQLConnect 4.0, the latest upgrade to its Java component driver technology.

Version 4.0 is now certified for use with SQL Server 2000 Enterprise 64-bit Edition running on the Intel Itanium processor family. In addition, JSQLConnect 4.0 natively interfaces with Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator to provide full distributed transaction support for the 64-bit platform.
Herndon, Va.,
Studio Studio is an on-demand customization suite that enables the point-and-click creation of Custom tabs -- as well as new applications with associated objects, pages and tabs -- to extend CRM to fit any terminology, industry and business environment.

Through the Object Builder, Tab Wizard and Drag-and-Drop Form Wizard, business administrators can now customize and extend to match any business requirements, in real-time and without having to write a single line of code. Inc.,
San Francisco, Calif.,


Expand Beyond’s Pocket-DBA mobile software
Teradata and Expand Beyond have announced that Expand Beyond’s Pocket-DBA mobile software now supports Teradata.

The agreement enables database and system administrators to increase productivity and improve responsiveness with secure, real-time management access to Teradata data warehouses from a mobile device or Web browser. With PocketDBA, Teradata administrators can check the status of load utilities, monitor query performance and immediately respond to critical system events such as space management.
Dayton, Ohio,

Expand Beyond Corp.,
Chicago, Ill.,


SpaceFinder Workbench v4.3
SpaceFinder Workbench v4.3 is a suite of mainframe storage management solutions that includes a new Java-based GUI for storage data that extends graphic views of pool utilization down to detailed volume and dataset information.

Other key enhancements include a graphing engine for trending and user-defined views of mainframe storage data, and a VSAM database that provides a data-store for both storage utilization and dataset info.
TeraCloud Corp.,
Bellevue, Wash.,


IQ8 Integration Studio
Firstlogic’s IQ8 Integration Studio is a data quality integration environment for designing, deploying and managing data quality solutions.

The product enables centralized data quality management by facilitating the transition from multi-instance, project-based deployment to single-instance enterprise deployment. Users can build and reuse business rules through an intuitive user interface and quick start “best practice” Data Quality Blueprints. It extends data quality capabilities by including data and functionality of third-party or proprietary apps.
Firstlogic Inc.,
La Crosse, Wis.,


Red Rock DeltaGraph 5.4 for Windows
Red Rock DeltaGraph 5.4 for Windows is charting, graphing and data analysis software for Windows XP.

The upgrade is said to significantly improve the ability of researchers, analysts and marketers to create and publish professional-quality charts and graphs.
Red Rock Software,
Salt Lake City, Utah,


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