Eclipse rocks open source world

Eclipse board names Mike Milinkovich executive director
Mike Milinkovich is the first executive director of the newly independent Eclipse Foundation. Starting his new job at the beginning of June, Milinkovich's first task will be the launch of Eclipse 3.0, which is set for June 21.

Eclipse 3.0 released
Tthe Eclipse Foundation announced the availability of the latest version of the Eclipse Platform -- Eclipse 3.0 -- which adds an enhanced version of its Java IDE, a new rich-client platform, and the integration of Java Swing with the Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit. Read more
Eclipse gains ground as open-source test platform
IBM Rational plans to standardize its suite of automated software quality (ASQ) tools around the Hyades open-source platform. Hyades is a subgroup of the Eclipse open-source project. Read more

Recent Eclipse and Open Source News

Novell sees 'common tooling strategy' in Eclipse
Novell Inc., Waltham, Mass., recently announced that it is joining the Eclipse open-source initiative. The company said its embrace of Eclipse tools integration technology allows it to provide 'a common tooling strategy' for developers working with its products.

IBM calls for open-source Java
IBM has called on Java creator Sun Microsystems to join an effort to turn its proprietary Java code over to the open-source community. In an open letter, IBM's VP of emerging technologies Rod Smith proposed that IBM and Sun join forces.

Microsoft exec asks if for-profit software can survive open source
How will the for-profit software industry fair if the open-source model continues to proliferate? Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Jim Gray asks: 'How will there be a software industry if there's open source?'

Open-source MySQL DBMS adds clustering tech
Swedish open-source database maker MySQL AB plans to release a new clustered database product with high-availability support next month, company officials disclosed

Inside Eclipse: Q&A with Skip McGaughey
Skip McGaughey led the first two years of the fledgling Eclipse organization as chairperson of the Eclipse board of stewards and is the official spokesperson for the newly independent Eclipse not-for-profit corporation.

At EclipseCon: Booch, techies define Eclipse
What is Eclipse? Officially, Eclipse is defined as an 'open universal platform for tools integration.' But in talking to some software industry leaders at EclipseCon, the Eclipse organization's first technical conference held at the Disneyland Hotel last week, a larger vision emerged.

Sun ships J2SE 1.5, explains Eclipse stand
Sun Microsystems has released a beta version of the much anticipated 1.5 version of the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) -- code-named Project Tiger -- a set of specifications for developing Java applications for desktop computers.

RedHat CTO on Eclipse: It's not just for Java
The Eclipse tools plug-in environment may succeed where other attempts failed to create a universal framework because Eclipse can bridge open-source and Java community efforts, Red Hat Inc. CTO Michael Tiemann told attendees at EclipseCon in early February.

Eclipse declares independence
A declaration of independence was issued in February for the Eclipse Platform with the announcement that the IBM-sponsored consortium for the open-source tools framework initiative is now a not-for-profit corporation.

Eclipse: It's in the (Java) cards
NASA is ready to begin testing them for securing access to facilities and information systems. Princeton just unveiled new parking meters that accept them. And it won't be long before thousands of cell phones carry them -- 300,000,000 GSM devices already do. What we're talking about is smart cards ... To get them up and running, IBM is providing developers with its own set of tools based on the Eclipse architecture.


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