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By ADT Staff

ManageSoft 7.0
ManageSoft has announced the ManageSoft 7.0 suite for Windows, Linux and Unix. The product provides BI to managed desktops, servers and mobile computers throughout an organization. The suite includes ManageSoft 7.0, ManageSoft for Windows Deployment 7.0, ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence 7.0 and ManageSoft Security Patch Management 7.0. The suite helps IT groups to automatically deploy, update and manage business-critical apps. Features include automatic discovery and adoption, as well as Web-enabled business intelligence reporting and user-defined proactive alerts. With Version 7.0, managed devices automatically compare their current state with the desired state described in IT policies, and then repair differences automatically. ManageSoft does not require dedicated servers, and its dynamic network optimization lets managed devices respond to changes in available network bandwidth. Software license management and Web-based status reporting are also included. Pricing for ManageSoft 7.0 can be modular or bundled, and is discounted based on volume. ManageSoft Corp.,
Boston, Mass.,

Data Integrator 6.5
Business Objects has released Version 6.5 of BusinessObjects Data Integrator, its real-time and batch data integration platform. The product allows developers to build data marts from Crystal Reports, and includes new data quality functionality as well as support for grid computing. Data Integrator provides built-in profiling capabilities. Version 6.5 also includes embedded technology from Firstlogic that is said to allow developers to use one interface to correct and standardize data and ensure accuracy throughout all records. Developers can also troubleshoot and identify problems in data and track it throughout the ETL process. Data Integrator’s support for grid computing lets users optimize available computing resources by sending new job requests to the least-utilized machine in hopes of maximizing ETL performance across servers. Data Integrator 6.5 is currently available on Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, Sun Solaris and IBM AIX.
Business Objects,
San Jose, Calif.,

SOAP Interface for Data Quality Web Service (DQWS)
Melissa Data has introduced a SOAP interface for Data Quality Web Service (DQWS), a data-entry verification service that can validate and correct postal addresses, update phone area codes, parse names and append gender, and spot fraudulent entries. The product can be used to verify customer leads generated from Web sites or call centers. After calling the Web service, addresses are verified to meet U.S. Postal Service requirements. The service first verifies, corrects and standardizes an address, and then appends a ZIP+4 code to it. It then links the address to a time zone, congressional district or county. It also returns latitude and longitude coordinates, which can be used to calculate distances. The product’s ZIP Data function can return all the cities served by a ZIP code, as well as return the ZIP codes available for a location. A Street Search feature can also be used to resolve multiple matches of street names. Annual pricing for Data Quality Web Service depends on the number of records processed per year: 120,000 records are priced at $2,900; 600,000 records is $4,900; 1.2 million records cost $5,900; 5 million records are $6,900; and an unlimited number of records is available for $8,900.
Melissa Data,
Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.,

Visual MainWin for J2EE
Visual MainWin for the J2EE platform is said to enable millions of Visual Studio developers to create J2EE enterprise Web applications and Web services within the Visual Studio .NET framework. The product introduces a patent-pending technology that compiles the Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) source code directly into standard Java bytecode. Visual MainWin preserves the complete Visual Studio developer experience, allowing developers to develop, run, debug and deploy their code directly within the Visual Studio system.
Mainsoft Corp.,
San Jose, Calif.,

CodeWarrior Development Studio for Symbian OS, OEM Edition, V2.8
CodeWarrior Development Studio for Symbian OS, OEM Edition, V2.8 is a development tool suite for Symbian V8.0. The CodeWarrior product offers OEMs the tools necessary to complete OS base ports, develop peripheral device drivers and integrate native apps for phones based on Symbian OS Version 8.0. Additional features include updated command line adapters for emulation and target builds that enable configuration control, and an environment editor for making changes within the IDE.
Metrowerks Corp.,
Austin, Texas,

Visible Polaris
Visible Systems Corp. has unveiled what is said to be the next generation of app performance and availability management solutions with Visible Polaris. Polaris is engineered to support application life-cycle management, as well as the broader range of project life-cycle management efforts. The product contains custom attribute data and extensive security options that allow the user to configure Polaris to meet specific needs.
Visible Systems Corp.,
Lexington, Mass.,

ProServer is a Web-based management tool for enterprise modeling. The technology allows business and system analysts to manage, update and communicate business and system models across a wide-area network, enabling globally distributed teams to work together under a common model-based view of their enterprise. Features include a true client/server architecture, as well as the ability to run on any Java-enabled Web app server.
Proforma Corp.,
Southfield, Mich.,

Centauri Business Service Manager V3.0
Centauri Business Service Manager V3.0 measures IT service levels to securely align IT with critical business processes. Highlights of the new release include a modular architecture that better addresses the requirements of the emerging business service management market; new and enhanced features for Six Sigma support; and new facilities to integrate with ITIL support.
Proxima Technology,
Denver, Colo.,

ZNQ3 SoftPatch
Beadwindow! Corp. has introduced ZNQ3 SoftPatch, a policy-driven patch management solution that supports multiple platforms. SoftPatch is available as either a software solution or a pre-configured patch management appliance. The solution automatically updates network machines to protect them against potential security threats based on a policy determined by the network manager. SoftPatch’s logic engine automatically verifies that updates are installed and running correctly, and also assesses patch interdependencies to prevent deployment of unneeded/incompatible fixes. Pricing is on a subscription basis. For the software solution, pricing ranges between $6 and $65. Pricing for the the SoftPatch appliance starts at $6,100 (for 100 to 499 nodes).
Beadwindow! Corp.,
Manchester, N.H.,

ScriptLogic Version 5.5
ScriptLogic Version 5.5 includes a new inactivity function that allows desktop admins to log off, shut down and reboot a desktop from the ScriptLogic manager console. Other enhancements include an increase in client speed, new API functions (ping, CreateUniqueFile, getmapDrive, GetDrivelist and SetM), improved Outlook Mail-Profile support, and extended Validation Logic type with custom variables and features.
ScriptLogic Corp.,
Boca Raton, Fla.,

LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder 5.5
LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder 5.5 is a suite of dev tools for building data-centric Web applications and reports via graphically modeled XML. New features include charting, an easier-to-use report wizard that allows users to skip to any step of the process, and an enhanced parameter page that lets users choose more advanced parameters. In addition, administrators can now filter data availability based on passed parameter value. The product is priced at $7,500 per server (unlimited users).
LogiXML Inc.,
McLean, Va.,

SpArk Version 1.0
SpArk Version 1.0 is an ActiveX component that is said to simplify the task of calling SQL Server stored procedures. Using SpArk, a programmer can see context-sensitive information about a stored procedure and how it should be used. The procedure can then be executed in one line of code instead of the many lines it usually requires. SpArk accelerates code generation because developers no longer have to remember the details of each stored procedure (names, arguments, data types, return values and functionality). SpArk also executes the procedure, freeing developers from the tedium of writing boilerplate stored procedure code. The product was designed for use in Visual Basic 6.0, but can be used in any COM-compliant development environment. SpArk is priced at $150 for unlimited usage and deployment.
Archimetrics LLC,
Morristown, N.J.,

Appligent Inc. has introduced APConductor, which enables all of its other applications to be plugged into a complex workflow via an XML-based SOAP messaging framework. The product is a server-based backbone that is said to create a new level of integration for customizing PDF documents. APConductor acts as a central dispatcher, directing requests from other applications to Appligent’s families of PDF processing components and returning the finished results. It also enables developers and integrators to assemble PDF solutions using a Web services interface to communicate with Appligent’s component plug-ins, which allows companies to build a full suite of in-house solutions for document processing.
Appligent Inc.,
Lansdowne, Pa.,

FioranoMQ 7.2
Fiorano Software now offers FioranoMQ 7.2, a next-generation JMS product. Version 7.2 allows JMS applications to transfer large messages (or files) using JMS-compliant APIs, and also provides a C# client library that enables .NET applications to exchange messages with other JMS clients. Fiorano-MQ HA deployment lets JMS clients transparently switch over to a secondary MQ server on failure of the primary server. The development edition is priced at $2,500 per CPU. The deployment edition price starts at $7,500 per CPU.
Fiorano Software Inc.,
Los Gatos, Calif.,

The Government Application Suite,
The Government Application Suite,from Defywire Inc., is a wireless product suite that provides secure, real-time access to government information systems through mobile devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, tablets and laptops. The suite has been designed specifically for organizations that need to supply mobile workers with information from a variety of sources to help them make informed decisions and take appropriate action. The suite provides mobile workforces with access to real-time information, alerts and messages on devices that are easy to use in the field. Defywire developed the suite with the input of government entities focusing on law enforcement, homeland security, national defense, public safety, and health and welfare.
Defywire Inc.,
Herndon, Va.,

MetaCase has released its new MetaEdit+ API product for enhanced connectivity and tool integration support. The API allows developers to access the MetaEdit+ repository programmatically in real time. It supports reading, creating and updating model elements, as well as controlling Meta-Edit+ for scripting and simulation support. An API license costs 1,000 euros as an add-on for a MetaEdit+ license.
Jyvaskyla, Finland,



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