A sampling of wireless development tools

AppForge Inc.
Atlanta, Ga.
Crossfire MobileVB -- Lets developers extend their .NET knowledge to mobile and wireless development. Integrates seamlessly into Visual Basic 6.0 and enables the development of mobile apps. Included as part of Crossfire.

Borland Software Corp.
Scotts Valley, Calif.
Enterprise Studio for Mobile -- A solution for designing, developing, testing and deploying Java and C++ apps.

C++BuilderX Mobile Edition -- A development environment for creating C++ code for mobile devices.

Business Computer Design International Inc.
Hinsdale, Ill.
WebSmart OE -- A Windows- and iSeries-AS/400-based Web app development tool for developing and serving sophisticated Web, wireless and iSeries-AS/400 apps that use iSeries-AS/400 databases to produce dynamic HTML.

Data Representations Inc.
Summit, N.J.
Simplicity for Mobile Devices -- A cross-platform, rapid application development tool for J2ME/MIDP. Includes Visual Composer, Execution-On-The-Fly code execution and Code Sourcerer.

IBM Corp.
White Plains, N.Y.
Everyplace Mobile Device Enterprise Toolkit -- Enables developers to build enterprise applications to mobile devices.

WebSphere Studio Device Developer IDE for creating and testing applications to be deployed on handsets and other small devices.

Austin, Texas
CodeWarrior for Palm OS Platform -- An IDE that includes a drag-and-drop form designer, 68K and ARM compilers, project wizards, C++ Object Library framework, an enhanced debugger, Palm OS 5 software development kit and utilities from third-party vendors.

CodeWarrior Wireless Development Kit for Symbian OS -- Provides all of the necessary elements to develop apps for the Sony Ericsson P900 and other Symbian OS devices.

Microsoft Corp.
Redmond, Wash.
ASP.NET Mobile Controls -- Formerly known as the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit, this product extends the power of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET to build mobile Web apps.

.NET Compact Framework -- Smart device development framework for Microsoft .NET that brings managed code to devices.

Windows Mobile Developer Resource Kit -- Includes a wizard to help choose tools and SDKs to write an app, guidance programs and more technical documentation to help users as their skills develop.

MShift Inc.
San Jose, Calif.
MobileShift ACStar -- A wireless app development platform for generating and delivering wireless apps to a wide range of wireless devices.

Oracle Corp.
Redwood Shores, Calif.
Oracle Application Server Wireless --A wireless and voice platform that enables enterprises to deploy wireless browser-based apps, voice apps, notifications, J2ME apps and two-way messaging (Ask) applications.

Speedware Ltd.
Montreal, Quebec
MobileDev -- Professional wireless dev environment designed for mobile apps. Innovative open-architecture dev model integrates a graphical app mapper with a wizard-driven interface and a rich toolset designed to simplify wireless app development.

Sun Microsystems Inc.
Santa Clara, Calif.
SunONE Studio, Mobile Edition -- A Java IDE for developing applications that can be deployed to Java technology-enabled mobile devices.

Sybase Inc.
Dublin, Calif.
M-Business Anywhere -- A platform for delivering Web-based content and apps to mobile devices with minimal recoding.

Pocket PowerBuildern -- RAD tool that speeds the creation of mobile and wireless enterprise Pocket PC apps.

SQL Anywhere Studio -- A data management and enterprise data synchronization solution that enables the rapid development and deployment of database-powered apps for mobile, remote, and small- to medium-sized business environments.

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