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starting at $14,000
New York, New York

CMSmx is a content-management system for Flash (specifically FlashMX) sites that is itself built in Flash. So you've got a Flash-in-Flash-out system here that lets them both offer a highly interactive desktop design environment and lets users without any Flash knowledge maintain content in a Flash site.

Working on an underlying layer of SQL Server and .NET, CMSmx lets you define your templates in Flash plus their own components to indicate content areas. You can then use other parts of the CMSmx interface to actually enter the content, which is pulled into the Flash content that gets delivered to end users.

Other features here include workflow management with notifications, an interface that support performing multiple tasks in parallel (something not usually possible with HTML CMS's), a role-based permission system, and support for metatags to allow robots to search and index Flash-based sites. They also offer add-on components for community building including chats, event management, a bulletin board and so on.

If you want to get a sense of the end-user experience, you can explore their sample community site. Otherwise, visit the mai

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